Frequency pulses and temperature fluctuations rule the world

In many years, scientists look for climatic and geological changes occurring on our planet. In some years, all of a sudden can deviate from the average temperature characteristics in others — there are unanticipated earthquake. From time to time develops a memory, that despite the apparent equipment and profound knowledge of human civilization is a kind of a plaything in the hands of powerful forces. Various ongoing monitoring of stress that planetka Land and all who inhabit her views are heavily dependent on the so-called global environment. These include solar and activity, and placement of the Earth relative to the other planets of the solar system and the processes that take place at the expense of the configuration state of the subsoil. In all this there is a whole academic community, which tends to assume that climatic configuration, the effects of the sun and tectonic activity Earth able to influence and affect the dynamics of the development of human society.

Frequency pulses and temperature fluctuations rule the world

U.S. researchers have long seen that the seasonal oscillations of the South, such as El Niño and La Niña events, can lead not only to climate shifts, and the harsh social consequences. Studies conducted in several decades, have allowed to get amazing results. According to these data, the state of social tensions in countries of the Southern Hemisphere took place against the background of fluctuations of temperature levels. This could be taken as an awkward coincidence, if such a relationship was not so uncommon. The researchers concluded that the actions of the 80s that took place on the African continent can be fully associated with climate change in the direction of a sudden rise in temperature of air masses. When the average temperature dropped, it led to the "stagnation" of the social component of the activity.

Russian satellites that operate in orbit, the Earth passed new evidence for an association of human civilization with the processes occurring in the planet. Found out that the flashes that occur on the Sun at regular intervals, also have an impact on the socio-economic sphere of life of the population of the earth. Having created using computer graphic programs from solar activity, the researchers cooperated with its local conflicts and disasters that took place on Earth. Unusual way more 2-thirds of outbreaks coincide with the manifestations of anger, a certain group of people or the appearance of emergency situations of natural character. So one of the most active periods of solar activity over the last 50 years came in the early 90s. Specifically, in those years there were irreversible disintegration of the Soviet Union by, numerous local wars and confrontation.

In 2011, the Sun once again behaves very intense. With all this violence shakes the earth again. According to astrologers, our luminary, a period of emergence of a huge number of "spots". Specifically, through these spots are moving in the direction of the Earth's most powerful streams of charged particles that contact with the magnetic field of our planet, causing magnetic disturbances. As you know, many people tend to react to the so-called magnetic storms. The degree of such reactions may depend on the mental and physical condition of the person, as the level of disposition of his body to electrical impulses. It's no secret that the human body — it is a very sensitive "receiver" of electric waves. Every minute, our body goes through hundreds of waves of different frequencies from mobile phones, computers, antennas, radios and other devices. But if the pulse frequency is accompanied by resonance, it may even affect brain activity person. It is worth recalling that in the 3rd Reich, there were special laboratory in which experiments were conducted on the effects of wave pulses on the human body. A typical example of such impact may be an example of using infrasonic frequency, after which man lends itself to a sudden feeling of panic. If we imagine for ourselves that such waves could affect a lot of people, today's action in the same Libya or Syria entirely possible to link with external physical factors.

In such a situation, of course, you can not only read about the physical causes of current global events, but to deny their partial exposure is not worth it. Doctors can confirm the word that the human brain is very sensitive to certain frequencies. That's why the frequency effects on the human body can actually provoke uncontrollable behavior on the part of the person. With all this you can create that as the impact of such pulses is stopped, people feel mentally exhausted. This can lead to a newcomer social crisis.

No one will refute that change weather criterion on Earth, lunar cycles accurately influence the behavior of sensory unstable people. Yet in the middle of the last century, South American scientists was obtained pattern, which says that in times of full moon and the solar activity occurs more suicides.

Man has long been realized that it is inextricably linked with nature. Now, maybe we are on the latest stage of human self-knowledge. This step brings us to the fact that the entire population of the earth — it's a huge (on the scale of the Earth) system that can respond to the external configuration. If so, you may already be on the planet, there are people who want to use such an impact in their own interests. Quite find out about the impending phase of solar activity, or "superluniya" to provoke a social outburst. And it will be even more terrible than the invention of nuclear weapons.

In this regard, scholars task — to prevent the use of the acquired knowledge for purposes connected with the processes of managing people.

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