Frigate Dagestan seriously damaged during the storm

Watchdog frigate, called the "Dagestan", referring to the project to 11661 "Gepard-3, 9", was seriously injured in time storm in the waters of the Black Sea. Team (acceptance) of the Caspian flotilla could not fit to navigate and to withdraw from the unfinished military base further out to sea. As a result, the hull of which received severe damage. Currently being evaluated harm, after which a decision is made, it is necessary to send frigate the shipyard or else will be able to perform repairs on the spot.

According to the representative of the naval base (Novorossiysk) frigate moored near the wall. At one point blew boron (sharp gusts of wind), and because the crew is unfamiliar with the local weather-specific criteria, and then navigate quickly failed. Soon the ship dashed against the pier, and he pretty much squeezed aboard.

Local sailors (Black Sea) amazed by the fact how easily aboard the frigate caved in time collision with the wall. Maybe it happened because the alloy used to make the ship was somewhat specific and unusual.
The representative of the fleet command (Caspian), said that damage to the outside of the frigate already eliminated. And within the next week receiving-team graduate from acceptance test of all systems of the ship. If you do not show up any internal damage, then before the plan will be carried out tests "Caliber", and by the end of their frigate return to the Caspian Sea, to the base. The representative commented: "If the damage is small, then go through the tests and tools will go on plant. But if something severe, then go straight on plant, fix it, and then come back. Either way, by the end of today, we have back home, to the Caspian Sea, will not be back. "

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