Frigates of the Gepard-3.9 — ships of the last generation

Frigates of the "Gepard-3.9" — ships of the last generation. They are designed Zelenodolsk Design Bureau on the universal basic platform. Layout for them served as a guard ship "Tatarstan" project 11611, which became part of the Navy of the Russian Federation in 2004 Currently being built for the Russian Navy's second such ship — "Dagestan" — on the adjusted according to customer design 11611K.

The frigates are being built for Vietnam in accordance with the requirements of the Navy of this country. Their total displacement — about 2,100 tons, length — 102 m, width — 13.13 m, draft — 5.3 m They are equipped with a combined diesel-gas turbine power plant (under the scheme CODOG), which allows us to develop full speed of up to 28 nodes. Economic 10-knot speed cruising range of 5,000 miles frigates. Endurance — 20 days. Successful placement of residential and office space, air conditioning system, which supports the desired local climate, promote good habitability, which is especially important in the criteria of the tropics.

Sergey V. Ilyin — Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Zelenodolsky Plant. AM Gorky "

"Gepard-3.9" — multi-purpose ship, created to patrol the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone, attacking ships and vessels of the enemy fire support of landing, to provide air defense and antisubmarine operations in the convoy. Because of its diverse weaponry and balanced. It includes anti-ship missile system "Uran-E, Universal 76.2 mm gun mount AK-176M and small-caliber anti-aircraft system. These funds are managed-to-date battle information and control system, "Sigma-E." In the stern of the ship — a landing area for helicopters. For him, there is also a shelter that protects the rotary-wing aircraft from the wind and waves.

Representatives of the Navy Vietnam — Frequent guests in our factory. They produce a painstaking inspection of the construction schedule of ships and properties of work performed. And Tatarstan shipbuilders do not disappoint them. No case was present on the descent of the second body Deputy Commander Naval Forces Vietnam Nguyen Van Ninh ZELENODOL'SKAJa thanked the shipbuilders for the successful execution of the order and the highest quality.

This summer, both the "Cheetah" will go to the Baltic, where the place of their tests. The implementation of contracts for the construction of warships for Vietnam to change the ratio of products is: approximately 40% of the amount to 60% of military and civilian clothing products (previously accounted for 30% of military production and 70% — plain clothes).

The base platform "Cheetah" allows you to create not only a multi-purpose ships, and ships with reinforced shock, anti-submarine and anti-aircraft weapons, with different types of power plants and electrical equipment. On the same platform ZPKB developed modifications of the high seas patrol vessels (OPV) with a large cruising. It should be emphasized that the frigates of the family "Cheetah" relatively cheap compared with similar vehicles zabugornoy construction.

In collaboration with ZPKB Zelenodolsky plant them. AM Bitter built more than 600 warships. Among their famous great hunters (small anti-submarine ships) Project 122bis (Kronshtadt — by systematization of NATO), Which in the 50s. were exported, including the country's Far East and Southeast Asia. They have come to replace the small hunters Project 201 (SO-1 — on systematization of NATO), Which are also widely exported. Small anti-submarine ships (corvettes) Project 204 (Poti — to systematize NATO) and 1124 (Grisha), built by our factory are part of not only Russian, and zabugornyh fleets. In the 70's and 80's. the company has set a number of countries, 14 Navy corvette project 1159 "Jaguar» (Koni — to systematize NATO), various modifications, including the tropical (1159T) and the performance of the rocket (1159TR). They like before serving in the Navy in several countries. Our stocks are assembled such a unique, unparalleled ships as the world's greatest anti-Hydrofoil Project 1141 "Falcon" with a displacement of 500 tons ZPKB development in the world and the largest missile hovercraft project 1239 "Sivush" development CMDB "Diamond". In other words, the creation of sophisticated warships — our calling.

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