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What's going on?

Frigidity is called the reduction of women's sexual desire. However, in everyday terms, the term is often used to refer to a variety of sexual problems: lack of interest in sex to anorgasmia.

What's going on?

In fact, there are three degrees of frigidity:

  • 1 degree. Orgasm does not occur, even though the sexual act is accompanied by a pleasant excitement.
  • 2 degree. The sexual act is irrelevant.
  • 3 degree. Sexual intercourse is unpleasant, disgusted.

Frigidity can develop at any age (after puberty) and wear both a preliminary and permanent.


Frigidity may be due to physiological reasons, or psychogenic.

Physiological reasons:

  • Symptomatic frigidity — is a consequence of the disease (not necessarily related to the sexual sphere). For diseases that cause frigidity, include: endocrine disorders, genital hypoplasia, excessive stretching of the vagina after childbirth, certain diseases of the brain and spinal cord, drug addiction, gynecological diseases. By the time the loss of sexual desire can cause deficiency diseases, post-infection fatigue, mental or physical peretomlenie.
  • Constitutional frigidity observed in women who are unable to experience sexual attraction. The cause is a congenital deficiency mental and sexual functions.
  • Retardatsionnaya frigidity. Is associated with later development of sexual feelings. The ability to experience orgasm in women develops only after a certain time after the start of sexual activity.
  • Abstinence frigidity. This form of sexual coldness to be a consequence of long-term abstinence. If after brief absence of sexuality in women has been increasing libido and the emergence of erotic dreams, long forced abstinence leads to the extinction of conditioned reflexes involved in the implementation of the program of physiological sex. This form of frigidity is usually found in women of middle and advanced age.

Psychogenic causes:

  • Excessive strictness of education, the overwhelming any manifestation of sexuality.
  • Regular use of a practice partner interrupted sexual intercourse.
  • Distrust of the partner (the fear of contagion, fear of getting pregnant, uncertainty about the strength of the relationship).
  • Traumatic situations that cause stress (sexual intercourse with foreign witnesses — parents, children, painful deflowering previously experienced rape).

Diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis of "frigidity" can be supplied only by a doctor-sexologist. To determine the cause of frigidity may need to be consulted a gynecologist, endocrinologist and a psychologist.

Treatment of frigidity can be medicated with the use of physical therapy, acupuncture, and may be limited to a series of psychological counseling.

Very important for the prevention of frigidity is to create an environment that allows maximum liberated both partners. Haste, lack of time, fear of pregnancy, fear of looking ridiculous in the eyes or depraved partner reluctance to be caught off guard — it inhibits the growth of all sexual feelings.

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