From enemies save button

September 3, 2012 18:15

Help defend against enemies traditional methods that were used in ancient times and have proven effective. Among the well-known ways to protect against evil — the garlic and aspen — the author gives less common, but also very effective, such as a button, a red color and the mandatory presence of jewelry around her neck.

Even if you never have anyone to hurt, almost always someone who does not love you or is jealous and wants you bad. Even if he is not involved in black magic or something like that, but sometimes evil thoughts materialize and can severely hurt you. Of course, if you do not take measures to help those in need for centuries.

In the old days as a talisman against enemies actively used plants. It was believed that the machinations of the enemies will save aspen twig. This tree has long been considered magical, since aspen Judas hung himself. According to legend, a stake protects against vampires. The existence of vampires — a controversial issue for many, but the enemies of almost everyone!

I must say that the Chinese role aspen does sandalwood. From it, and to this day is made "defensive" fan. Twigs and fans can hang in the house, and you can carry. In Russia it is very effective in conducting the evil is garlic — another means of vampires. You can decorate the kitchen braids of garlic heads. In the old bunch of garlic hanging in every peasant's house. Think, for what? It is desirable that each bundle had seven heads. And you can wear a clove of garlic in your pocket or bag, but do not forget about the smell!

Protection is also considered the color red. Therefore, it is recommended that at least one clothing item was red — say, a scarf or shawl. In the old days girls were woven into braids red tape. In extreme cases, if the red with your dress does not harmonize, can tie a red thread around the wrist. Only the better to hide it under the sleeve.

Neck is better not to leave without ornaments. Going somewhere, be sure to put on a neck pendant, or beads (of course, if you do not wear a cross.) Another way to take evil people — wear clothes inside out. This, according to parapsychology, protects against the evil eye, removes negative energy.

Do you know how to sew buttons custom went inside the clothes? This does not come up with clothing manufacturers. The fact is that the word "button" is derived from the word "scare". Buttons also protect against the evil eye. By the way, if you zastegnetes "on the wrong button," it is at least cause disarray, but it will lower your chances of becoming a victim of a bad man. It is better if the thread on the button will connect all four holes square. Button sewn "cross", give health and zigzag — success and money. If one of the buttons done up properly, you should first undo every single button and then fasten them again.

We never immune from coming into the house of bad people. And they can also be disguised quite loyal to us. Well, who would ever think that a good-natured-looking neighbor is capable of all sorts of mischief! Put the front door whisk broom up, especially when expecting guests. Then the one who did not come with the good, can not enter into the house. If you put a broom in a position where the guests are already in the house, your foe will mark time at the door, unable to get out. The only way to "get rid" for him — to turn a broom. We can also, as you suspect a person is staying, plug into the wall shears. In this case, while the scissors are not removed, the guest will not be able to leave. A threshold can sprinkle holy water to an unwanted visitor was unable to cross.

Some argue that such funds are only for witches, others — that anyone who is not with good intentions. In Russia, in the old days you could see on the fence a couple of old bast. Bast protected from rival in love. For example, the owner would hang them on the fence to ward off a lonely neighbor, had his eye on her husband. Can be hung sandals in the house, on the porch or in the front room to the left of the door.

Of course, now bast day the fire will not find. But in the course can go old unwanted shoes. Drive the left of the door and hang nail shoes on the wall. However, then you can not avoid questions on the part of households, and visitors. So come up with some excuse in advance.

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