FSB has identified multi-million dollar damage when the state defense order

FSB accused optomechanical plant Azov to the release of bad product for the military and causing damage in 10 of millions of rubles, reports RIA announcements. "Plant issued to Russian military products not appropriate technical conditions of production, "- said the representative of the regional department of the FSB.

According to the FSB, in the production of products for the Russian army plant used components of unknown origin, which led to the release of the product, which represented a danger to personnel. In this regard, in respect of 549 military officers Consulate Defense Ministry, responsible for the control of production, a criminal case under article 293 of the Criminal Code (negligence).

JSC "Azov optomechanical plant"Engaged in production of different products, including avtozerkal, sewing machines and switches. Listed on the Web site of the plant production can be attributed to a military helicopter night-vision goggles OVN-1" Jump off "and a set of lighting equipment for helicopters AMI-1.

In October 2012 the authorities of Udmurtia accused of disrupting defense procurement plant "Izhmash" — the 1st of the main manufacturers of small arms weapons in Russia. Criticism of the address of enterprise management, in general, sprawling to the official data on production, according to which the growth of "Izhmash" by the end of the year should reach 56 percent.

In November, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, since June of this year, responsible for the defense industry, welcomed the move of accommodation defense procurement. He said that this year the state defense order is made by 10 per cent better than in the past — by 94.3 percent.

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