Fulfilled a prophecy of the end of the world after the departure of Benedict XVI?

February 11, 2013 19:39

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Pope may be African: after it has come to an end.

In the XII century saint described in one sentence rule each of the 112 popes from Celestine II and up to the Second Coming.

Following the Pope Benedict XVI should be the last pope before the end of the world. This is evidenced by the prophecy of St. Malachy. In the XII century saint described in one sentence rule each of the 112 popes from Celestine II (elected in 1143) and up to the Second Coming. According to the most common interpretation of prophecy, the penultimate Pope is the current head of the Catholic Church, Benedict XVI, who is associated with the final list of St. Malachi phrase «De Gloria Olivae» («From Fame olive"). According to the prophecy, the last pope, "Peter the Roman", the following happens:

"During the last persecution of the Holy See of Rome will sit Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep among the many torments, for the accomplishment of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge his people. The end. "

Thus the most likely successor to Benedict XVI bookmakers believe Cardinal Peter Kodvo Appiaha Tarksona from Ghana. See also: Pope Benedict XVI shocked the world abdication Meanwhile bookmakers calling bets on who will succeed Pope Benedict XVI, announced his abdication to the Holy See. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power Agency has put money not only on who chooses the conclave of cardinals, but also on which country will be the new Pope and the throne name which he himself chooses. The most likely successor Benedict XVI Irish bookmakers believe black Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Kodvo Appiaha Tarksona — betting on his nomination submitted by a factor of 5/4. See also: Benedict XVI will hold the rest of life in the monastery at the same time the most likely place of origin of the next pope said Italy (5/4), followed by Africa (2/1), the third — Canada (5/2). As its name, the new pontiff throne is likely to select the name of Peter, although the tradition of Pope never take themselves the name of the first bishop of Rome.

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Recently, in the prophecies of St. Malachy

Recently, in the prophecies of St. MalachyMalachi — the famous Catholic saint. He was born in 1094 in Ireland, in Ulster. From his earliest years, he believed in God, spending all his free time for prayers. 06 this phenomenal Mohl all the time a child soon found out, and when he got older, he was appointed a deacon, after a while he was ordained a priest, a missionary, drawing people to the Christian faith. He was loved by all, came to him to receive his blessing.
Pope Innocent II called him to the audience and had a guest unprecedented honor. In the presence of the Cardinals, he put on his miter and Malachi said, it would seem strange words: "Let every fall prostrate before him! This man is revealed to us by God! "

According to the chronicles, the saint Malachy all nights spent in the Vatican Library, he wrote a strange mysterious book. When Malachi died, the manuscript of this book for a long time wandered from one monastery to another, and only at the end of the XVI century, after four and a half centuries after his death, the document was found, and everyone knew about it. Work was called "The prediction of the Roman popes."

It was, in fact, a directory, which listed 112 clerics who hold or will hold more holy Pope.

Directory opened a contemporary of St. Malachi, Celestine II. He remained on the throne for long, less than six months. Followed by 111 pontiffs, and each is given in the form of aphorisms characteristic in Latin. Malachi did not name names, he focuses on the qualities of Dad and talk about what each of them brings to the mortal world.

He points out the exact dates of the Board Dad, Here's the end of the list:
103. Paul VI (1963-1978). Flower blossoms.
109. John Paul I (1978-1978). Of the half moon.
110. John Paul II (1978-2005). (Note: the year of the death of the Pope on the list of Malachi is not specified).
111. The next Pope. The triumph of the olive tree.
112. The last Pope. Peter and Peter the Roman Romanov.
Just about the last Pope said: "In the end times the place of the Holy Roman Church will hold Pyotr Romanov, who will feed the weak-willed, making a lot of disasters. At this time the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the monstrous Judge will judge the people. End "

Researchers recognize the Malachi quite precise characteristics given by them of Dad. Virtually all (much, at least) the same.

Example: on 101 Pope Leo XIII referred to as "the light of heaven" — and in fact, on its arms wore a comet. Pope Urban VIII, the ruling in the first half of the XVII century, Malachi gives the nickname "Lily and the Rose." The researchers interpret this as: reconciliation of Protestant England (rose) with Catholic France (Lily) by the marriage of King Charles II Stuart and Marie Antoinette, daughter of Henry IX. A very interesting feature of Pope Pius VII, whose pontificate coincided with the reign of Napoleon, the Pope called this Stolen Eagle. Under the symbol of the eagle meant the French Emperor, he put the Pope in prison, from which he was able to leave only after the overthrow of the monarchy. After this, he again came to the Holy See.

Pope Benoit XV led the Church from 1914 to 1922. His reign in Malachi is under "Extermination of Christians." This is a life-affirming, as in the First World War killed millions of believers.

But the main treatise Malachi not only that match Dad's biography, and an unexpected ending. According to the saint, the institution of the papacy fate prepared a tragic ending, and, according to the saint, only 112 popes from Celestine II, will sit on the throne, then aborted the mission of the papacy, holy Rome will fall and there will come the Apocalypse.

Pope John Paul II died in 2005. This dad, beloved, and Malachi goes under the motto "From the works of the Sun", the motto is interpreted in different ways, some people say that it is so called because he was born during a total solar eclipse, others note the increased activity of the Sun during the accession Pope on the throne.

About the current Pope, Benedict XVI, Malachi speaks of as the "glory of olive." Sometimes as "the triumph of the world." Olive tree — a symbol of the world, perhaps, with the long-awaited peace to the Pope? And perhaps, for the welfare of the whole earth? Malachi did not say how many will rule this Pope, but then comes a warning that the last pope will be Peter or Peter Roman Romanov, with which the world is waiting for the arrival of a disaster.

Malachi clearly indicates that as soon as the throne will take the 112th Peter Roman or Peter II (the first was the apostle Peter, the disciple of Christ, who established Institute Dad, since no one took the name), come to an end. What Malachi said about the last Pope, indicates the end of the world, and the symbolism chosen prophet, like "Revelation" John. Some researchers believe that it is nothing more than a warning that the institution of the papacy itself, sooner or later run out. Perhaps we are talking about the global formation of the Church.

Malachi's prophecy in common with Nostradamus. He, in particular, also says that with the arrival of the 112th Pope "common blood will flood the earth, people will live with closed mouths and come unpredictable." Some scholars believe that Nostradamus was familiar with the prophecies of Malachi. That's exactly what Malachi spoke of the reign of the last two popes: "The Board of the 111th pope will not be long," but this time it will be noted that when it "may come a long-awaited peace between the people and the prosperity of the entire earth. Joy, however, will not be long. "

112th Pope will be the last. He will reign during the "monstrous Judge"; presumably, is meant here Antichrist, which he had called the patriarch Jacob.

All studies of prophecy was in tune with the other saints prophecy of Malachi, and prophecies of the Bible with his prophecies have much in common. Even Jesus Christ himself said that before the end will come and reign antichrist in the world must be preached the gospel of the kingdom, and this time will be short-lived. "And this gospel shall be preached in all the world of the Kingdom as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come" (Matthew 24:14).

Many Fathers prophesied the coming of the Antichrist, here is a quote from the Greek word: "The last time was not yet ripe, and it is a mistake to think that we are at the threshold of the coming of the Antichrist, because it remains to be one and the last flowering of Orthodoxy, this time around the world. It happens after a terrible war in which the die is not the half, not two-thirds of humanity, and that will stop the voice from heaven. "

Author: V.Sklyarova
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism »№ 7

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