Galina mine: I made sure that my children are in good hands

In today's society of transmission:

"After reviewing the list of parents, I was afraid that my Sasha, and later his younger brother Yuri, grow up with complexes, looking at his classmates with such rich parents.

What happened was the opposite. If anyone got the complexes, it is just the children of wealthy parents. Some parents at the request of assistance from the parent-teacher committee adkuplyalisya money. Although their uterus, usually never worked, they have very little time devoted to their children. I had to take the rap.

Once at the scouting event son the famous German star Heidi Brühl begged his mother a German brand, to play some kind of game. Not given. "

Galina mine: "Astronauts pryvadnilisya upside down …"
Galina mine: "The voice of Stalin's daughter on our radio waves was such a sensation"
Galina mine: "We do not doubt that for Radio Liberty to be spies"
Galina mine: "Radio was supposed to sound like" a guest in the house of the listener "
Galina mine, "Mom said we were lost in the bombing"
Galina mine: "How do you say in English" shag "?"
Galina mine: "Our carefree life in Munich quickly over"
Galina mine: "The grounds to believe that we are listening at home were"
Galina Mine "Abramchik found a candidate in Belarus Editor"
Galina mine: "In Julia and Paul, it was love at first sight"
Galina mine, "Pastor said during the dinner: We are pregnant"
Galina mine: "It only remained to cross the ocean …"
Galina mine: "The United States, and all!"
Galina mine: "The Belarusian gymnasium constantly hungry …"
Galina mine: "This cornstalk, and does not know where she was born!"
Galina mine, "My Country, Homeland all forgiven"
Galina mine: "During the war in Germany every theft was punished by execution"

Galina mine: "In Berlin we got accidentally"
Galina mine. Dance with his grandfather on pogorelische
Galina mine. As we have entered the translations Arsenieva in opera libretto
Galina mine. What ended up in the kitchen jokes Shcheglova
Galina Mine: The Secret of my dolls
Galina Mine: Mum's camp mentioned Solzhenitsyn
Galina Mine: The family of a Communist, we were told no more to come
Galina mine: "How many enemies of the people was one Pushkin Street …"
Galina mine: "Four years ago I was 7 years old …"
"Migratory birds". Premiere of the birthday of "Freedom"

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