Gate through which the Yankees to withdraw troops from Afghanistan?

February 15, Hamid Karzai, and all the "democratically"-minded Afghans were celebrating another anniversary of the "defeat of Russian troops Afghan army", as this day is now generally called in Afghanistan. Needless to say, this is the second similar prazdnichek for "progressive" Afghans. Not counting the day or "defeat Russian troops," rather pompously celebrated a day, "the defeat of the British troops" the same valorous Afghan army. But, as you know, God loves a trinity, because perhaps as early as late in the calendar Afghanistan may seem more reddish one day — "the day of the defeat of NATO forces."

Gate through which the Americans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan?

But for all the drama of the address in the Afghan armed forces, if such can be called compound consisting half of suicide "Mujahideen", half of tired out "under the gun" by force of the same "guns" of the producers of opium poppy cultivation, Afghanistan has been and remains a state that practically have not been able to conquer the external force. Any army that came to the area Afghanistan, doing certain tasks that are put in front of her top management: implementation of international debt to the elimination of the terrorist threat. Some were killed, destroying and building up right away. Others only destroy and cultivated a lucrative drug trade. But Afghanistan has been and remains a state that exists in its own space, with its own philosophy and their own rules of the game. If there is a saying that the East — a delicate matter, that with respect to the Afghan government, it is the more obvious. With all of this to try to force the Afghan population of any external position, which we think to be the only optimal, quite impossible because of the complete absence of crossing the mentality of the people of this country and all those who have ever tried to impose its own order in Afghanistan. For Afghans, no matter what kind of power that has crossed the borders of their country — by definition an invader, no matter what the value of this force or tried to instill in Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif and other towns of this Asian country.

With all this the Afghans did do and will continue to do everything in order to squeeze out of their own "liberators" very likely costs of presence in Afghanistan. If we talk about the American troops, who are now engaged in the guidance "about anti-terrorism", the Afghan powers that be have established a very profitable business that is associated with a clear increase in the production of drugs, which, under the auspices of the same U.S. Army cross the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in Russia and beyond — to Europe. In addition, the South American milch cattle financed government Afghanistan, Besides highlighting the hundreds of millions of dollars for a "progressive development". With all of this funnel of "fraternal assistance" becomes more and requests all the huge infusions, that Afghanistan continued to "democratize". Americans themselves are well aware that they are, so to speak, the goal has long been time to fold, but it's not that simple. In 1-x, the Yankees need to show that all of their intended plans in 2001 in the Republic of Afghanistan, they have fully complied with, churayas not apply for this and a certain part of acting. And in-2, the Yankees, in contrast to the Russian troops, there is no easy way out of power Afghanistan, moved his main force across the Panj River. Here it is necessary to cooperate with neighboring countries Afghanistan.

But here there are new challenges. First problem — Pakistan. The authorities of this country shall be removed categorically continue to cooperate with the United States military after the 2011 South American troops by mistake (as was said U.S. officials) have killed a Pakistani checkpoint.

The only thing that went to Islamabad in collaboration with Washington — is to provide a corridor for "perishable goods". In other words — the passage of food products for the U.S. military.

The second problem — the reluctance of Uzbekistan placed on its territory staging point for NATO troops. According to some reports, the Uzbek administration has expressed the view that the presence on the territory of Uzbekistan transit Fri NATO can be a catalyst for the spread of the national drug dangers and growth of illegal gun trafficking. In order to "appease" the Uzbeks Yankees had to go on a huge concession: namely, were completely lifted sanctions on the Uzbek army supply different kinds of weapons, reconnaissance and navigation. The sanctions were imposed in 2005, the year in connection with the events in Andijan.

Concessions related to the same so that the Americans want to gain control of the steel road connecting Uzbekistan with the Afghan Mazar-i-Sharif. This road is now virtually owned by Uzbek company "Uzbekistan Railways", who built the branch. If the road is absolutely come under the control of the Yankees, they will be able to use it to transport their own goods through Uzbekistan and Russia. After all, as has been reported in the "Military Review", the Yankees suddenly for many failed to agree with Moscow on the deployment of a storage terminal on the ground Russian Federation (Ulyanovsk). Prior to Ulyanovsk military cargo scheduled to deliver from Afghanistan air, and from there to Riga and Tallinn — a steel road. If the steel road from Mazar-i-Sharif will be operated U.S. and NATO troops, then they will be able to save much of their own forces in the derivation of Afghanistan.

In general, the more "anti-terrorist" campaign of the West in Afghanistan is converted into a profitable business. And this business can lead to quite severe contradictions in the camp of the "winners" and in the camp of the "losers", much less that they are there until they themselves have not decided who is who. Hamid Karzai, if they wanted to announce yet another victory over the Afghans 'aliens' do not want to lose the South American bird feeder. Because the last time we were waiting for the harsh trading on the withdrawal of South American troops both in Afghanistan and in the South American Congress. What a wicket while tightly covered …

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