Gazprom does not recognize the debt, while not sign the agreement

Point in the gas war until set. Despite the claims of the official Minsk, "Beltransgaz" and "Gazprom" has not yet signed a supplementary agreement to the contract on the transit of Russian gas through Belarus, with an increased rate.

The signing of an additional agreement, scheduled for July 1, yesterday told reporters the first Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko. The representative of "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Chekov Today could not confirm the words of Deputy Prime Minister:

"I have no information yet. The work is proceeding. If there is a message will tell you to prove I will bring. "

According to Vladimir Semashko, the document has been agreed with "Gazprom" and she recognizes his duty. The Russian side allegedly recognized the transit rate of $ 1.88 per thousand cubic meters of gas per hundred kilometers. During the gas war "Gazprom" has paid Belarus $ 228 million of debt for gas transit at rates — in the amount of $ 1.45. The Belarusian side is pushing for more transit rate to $ 1.88 and, therefore, requires that "Gazprom" paid extra for the transit of 32 million dollars. Otherwise, on 25 June threatened the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, Minsk officials may block the transit of Russian gas.

Head of Information of "Gazprom" Igor Volobuev Told "Freedom", there is also hope for the signing of the agreement. Commenting on Mr. Semashko that "Gazprom" has agreed to the transit rate of $ 1.88, Mr. Volobuev said:

"Documents for this to be signed. Agree — this one, and sign — it is formalized. First you have to sign. So, the documents which we are waiting for is not yet signed. We agree, but only on certain conditions stipulated in the contract. Should be increased to "Beltransgaz" wholesale allowance for gas, and then to rate. And not just — rate, and everything. "

Vladimir Semashko promised to Alexander Lukashenko, in Minsk to sign a document that will be representatives of "Gazprom". The agreement will be recorded even acknowledgment of debt and the time when "Gazprom" has to return it to the Belarusian side. Semashko asked Lukashenko nor two days, and a maximum of two weeks to resolve this issue. Later, there were reports that the delegation of "Gazprom" will not come and the documents can be signed remotely. Regarding the outstanding debt, which requires the official Minsk, Mr. Volobuev explained:

"Which of us can be a debt if we had paid everything as it should be contracted at a rate of 1.45? Another bet at the moment there are no more. That's when it is signed by, say, 2010 — $ 1.88, then, of course, we pay the difference. And while not an addendum to the contract, which specifies transit rate for 2010. While signing does not happen, no debts for us not. We all paid for the rate, which acts at the moment. And it is now — 1.45 ".

Documents to be signed in absentia, provided that both sides "to reach mutual agreement."


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