Geometry NAZCA: Probing location? (Part 2)

It is appropriate to recall once again that the active geological faults in the earth's crust are energy-zones. Here the rocks accumulated strong voltage discharge which leads to earthquakes in these areas are observed anomalous electromagnetic field, heat flow and other phenomena. These areas are usually geopathogenic — negatively affect living beings, for them, the modern view, generated a powerful wave torsion streams. Peruvian-Chilean pampas is one of the most energy-regions of the Earth. Here, according to recent data, there is a collision of two large tectonic plates of the Earth: Pacific and South American. In the contact zone of the Andes to the Pacific plate earthquakes occur frequently, including the catastrophic forces (as, for example, that devastated the Chilean coast in 1970), there are many active faults, volcanoes occur periodically moving the blocks of the earth's crust.

We do not know why authors naskanskoy "graphics" were needed power-intensive areas Pampa, but obviously they were looking for them. The above-mentioned stages of their work were steps to solve this problem. Initially pawned network control points. Of them in different directions routed search line sensing the Earth's crust. How is the self sensing is unknown, we see on the ground only route (line), a kind of trace left on the surface of the Pampa.

Alla Tarasovna Belokon first conjectured that this probe was conducted remotely, ie, from a certain height, and the prints left on the surface of the desert (line drawings), "probably the result of some kind of interaction energy with the ground." This reaction is carried out from the top, hangs out at a certain height apparatus, with the help of some of the beam (such as laser or gravity, the beam of high energy particles). A model of such actions is now the radar survey area by helicopter, airplane or satellite: a narrow focused beam of radio waves coursing through the ground one track after another (this process is called scanning), and the screen for the receiver band band displayed image of the reflected signal (though in contrast to what was in Nazca, our radars do not leave traces on the ground in the form of narrow strips tear off the surface of crushed stone).

Not to recall the "pillar of light" who "walked" in front of the tribe of Moses in the desert. Does not this "post" was operated on and the creators naskanskogo rebus? Something like this is also mentioned in some modern UFO reports, when, according to witnesses, a frozen UFO to land stretches "green light", producing a strange anti-gravity effect: it is able to levitate people, animals and objects, even such massive as cars.

The fact that the Nazca drawings were applied remotely, top, shows a distorted, as if warped and stretched shape of some of them ("Condor", "hummingbird", "dog" and others). Such distortion circuits could occur in cases where image projected onto the ground surface is not directly under the hovering at a certain height of the apparatus, that is angled 90 ° to the surface, and at a more acute angle to the horizontal (incidentally, such distortion would not place if the painting is done by ground methods, say, the cells of). Read the rest … Geometry NAZCA: Probing location? (Part 3)

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