Germany aims to Afghanistan two ACS PzH 2000

Germany "as soon as possible" to send to Afghanistan two self-propelled artillery system (ACS) PzH 2000 to strengthen and protect the Bundeswehr contingent of frequent Taliban attacks, reports DPA.

This was stated by the Minister of Defence Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, who arrived on April 14 with an unannounced visit to the main military base in the north of the Bundeswehr Afghanistan in Mosar-Sharif. According zu Guttenberg, the military will also get anti-tank missiles TOW.

In addition, Germany will send a Afghanistan Several additional BMP "Marder". At the current time in service with the German contingent ISAF There are four "Marder", which in 2009 were transferred from Mazar-i-Sharif to Kunduz, where militants were activated.

Earlier, the commissioner for the Bundestag Bundeswehr Hellmut Kenighaus (Hellmut Koenigshaus) offered to send in Afghanistan languid Leopard 2 tanks. But the initiative has met with strong resistance from both the command of the ground forces, and from the very zu Guttenberg and Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Zu Guttenberg referred the proposal absurd, noting that the "Leopards" weighing 65 tons will be impossible to use in the north Afghanistan, because they will not stand no bridge. PzH 2000 in a rigged state weighs 56 tons.

It is noted that, while on the ground the German military base, PzH 2000 will be able to hit targets at a distance of 40 km with an accuracy of 20-30 meters. Several of these self-propelled guns already used the Dutch contingent of ISAF in southern Afghanistan.

Discussion on strengthening the arms of German troops in Afghanistan broke out after the April 2 in a big fight with the Taliban killed three German soldiers and eight were injured to varying degrees of severity. In addition, the rebels managed to kill armored Dingo. After that incident, the minister of defense for the first time publicly admitted that in Afghanistan, "In common parlance, there is a war."

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