Germany retool involved in Afghanistan armored rocket launchers

Due to the tense situation in the north of Afghanistan, where the military German ISAF contingent in the near future are increasingly attacked by the Taliban, Bundeswehr began to re-armored vehicles Dingo 2 40-mm grenade launchers, the official website of the Bundeswehr.

Earlier Dingo 2 installed in the main turret with a machine gun MG3 7.62 mm. Reported that 40-mm launcher designed for shooting at short and medium distances up to 2000 meters and equip the ribbon on 32 charges.

The delivery time of new launchers is about 9 months old, because the purpose of a quick re-armored vehicles Afghanistan Bundeswehr Command wants to dismantle the grenade launchers are mounted on armored vehicles in Germany "Fennek", and send them to Afghanistan.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defence announced its intention to strengthen the armed troops in the Bundeswehr Afghanistan. On the German military base in Kunduz in the summer of this year have already been deployed two self-propelled artillery system (ACS) PzH2000, who on July 10 was the first time engaged against the Taliban.

The Ministry of Defence is also interested in buying the U.S. itself is not enough, 50 combat helicopters to Afghanistan and to send additional armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles. In addition, the commander of the international ISAF contingent in northern Afghanistan, Brigadier General Frank Laydenberger Bundeswehr (Frank Leidenberger) suggested the use of the airfield located in Mazar-e-Sharif German "Tornado" engaged in the exploration so far only from the air, for the application of air strikes on militants.

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