Ghostbusters: how to drive Barabashka

January 26, 2013 1:54

If you need to get rid of the ghosts in the house or office, get help from Ghostbusters. Theme of ghosts, which may seem to many a fantasy or fiction, some real people is very real problem.
These shots singer Alexander Danko shot in her apartment. The water in the tap is opened by itself, and the fireplace is lit. "Well, generally a nightmare, we have repeatedly flooded neighbors complain they have," — said Alexander Danko.

If the house settled ghost fit cause of Ghostbusters. Such a service in Moscow is. In their backpacks arsenal of weapons against poltergeist, no worse than in the movies.

If the apartment is just one ghost, the publishing house "Izvestiya" of not less than thirty, say employees. They are very well. "If we have something moving and slam the door — well, clap and well. So, we were visited by a phantom NI Bukharin or Mayakovsky or Poor Damian. We always welcome them, welcome, "- says CEO of the publishing Erast Galum.

The main thing here — the specter of Bukharin, says director. He lives in a mirror in the hallway. "I've seen. Moreover, I want to say that I'm teetotal. I've seen this is the very face phantom or ghost, "- says Erast Galum.

Ziraddin Rzayev — one of the best psychics in the country. It specially invited to get in touch with the ghost. "When I look back, I can see some kind of a man, he is not very tall, medium height, not skinny, not fat. With a beard. This is it, I'm sure, "- says Ziraddin Rzayev.

Meanwhile Ghostbusters catch the ghost in the apartment Danko. In this house they go more for the first time. They say nothing strange: there used to be a cemetery.

"The cemetery is necrotic residual radiation, which involves subtle essence of the plan and the level of bad house," — says ghost hunter Vyacheslav Klimov.
Ways to banish the ghost of the house there are many. The easiest way to drive Barabashka — this is actually a belt. It should hang in a prominent place, and it will be a sign Barabashka that his antics are unhappy, and that he can be punished. But there are more sophisticated ways.

Afraid or not afraid of ghosts — a private matter. Following the visit of a witch, a ghost out of the apartment, it seems to have disappeared. At least this time the water was opened by Alexander.

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