Ghosts also go to a cafe and supermarket

January 23, 2012 15:33

Ghosts that live in shopping malls and restaurants, are not uncommon. Parapsychologists believe that after the death of the soul, for whatever reason, failed to find no rest, sometimes returning to the places that used to go in life. Perhaps for energizing they come with a lot of people — in clubs, cafes, shops …

So, one of London's pubs for ten years regularly visited the phantom of a Charles Crampton, who died in 1962. When life Crampton each day went to the pub to a glass of ale. One day, soon after he died in the hall an old man entered the pub and proceeded to the corner where usually liked to sit Crampton.

To my surprise and horror regulars recognized him dead … But the ghost did not cause anyone harm. It is a time sitting alone at a table, then stood up, moved to the door and disappeared into thin air. Since then it's happened every night. When someone tried to enter into contact with the ghost, he just disappeared. Gradually the vision became blurred contours, and finally, it has ceased to appear at all.

The cameras in stores and shopping malls often fix transparent shapes and shadows that glide through the halls not only at night but during the day, among crowds of visitors. Sometimes spirits even arrange disorder — for example, throw intended for sale goods …

Thus, in major department stores in England and the U.S. cities at night from time to time there is a strange phenomenon. Video camera for a few seconds off for unknown reasons. Sometimes videotape captures slowly drifting down the hall glowing cloud. Sometimes it is obvious that someone touched the goods, even though nothing is lost. The guards also claim to have heard in the premises of unknown origin sounds like quacking ducks …

Night September 12, 1999 Camera tracking, set in a department store, "Hampton Court Castle» English town of Stratford (by the way, this is one of the oldest in the world of supermarkets), recorded on the trading floor fuzzy silhouette of a man in a tracksuit. He was busy that periodically opening and closing a door. Through the translucent figure of a man looked through the back of the room. Bursting into the room, the guards found no store, but the door continued to open and close by itself.

Footage shown on local television. And the ghost of a sudden identified 86-year-old Ann Bros once worked at a supermarket cashier. She said it was a burglar, once attempted to rob the store in her shift.

A supermarket Lithuanian town Birzay wound up the good spirit that helps sales. Anyway, so assure store personnel. The footage made by security cameras, visible moving shadow. Some see the film face screaming man.

This is a good spirit or evil, but the number of customers in a supermarket markedly increased. People come here hoping to see a ghost with my own eyes. Good publicity!

June 4, 2009 surveillance camera in one of the Chilean shopping center was made a strange record. It is visible a small transparent shapes that appear in the lower right corner of the screen, crosses the hall and disappears. According to local elders, a ghost boy, who once was tragically killed in the area.

But the most terrible case of mystical happen to Taiwan. There's a 40-year-old man left in the refrigerator supermarket packaging soft drinks, which was mixed with potassium cyanide. Labels on the bottles were, "I poisoned, please, do not drink me." However, buyers would take them for a publicity stunt, and still buy a drink. As a result, one person died and four fell into a coma.

Police investigating the cause of the poisoning, and finally, through a video made with a hidden camera, the attacker was caught red-handed. During interrogations, he showed that he was forced to commit a crime … ghostly voices he heard in the supermarket. They told him that if he planted the people poisoned drink, the die itself. However unfortunate not want to be a murderer and always tried to warn their victims …

The offender was a psychiatric examination, and doctors did not find it any abnormalities. The polygraph showed he was telling the truth. How the matter will — not known: the owners of the supermarket was hushed up the story, fearing that other buyers and not the same thing happened …

According to experts on the paranormal, the dead often try to visit places that used to go in life. In addition, many commercial establishments are in a new building with a rich history. Perhaps the former inhabitants simply find no rest from the constant bustle prevails here.

Margarita Trinity

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