Giant space worm

August 15, 2012 19:13

This September will mark the 50th anniversary of one of the country (if not the country) of events that had to investigate the Royal Air Force.

According to the now declassified, and set out on a six-page material called "unexplained phenomenon in Avebury, Wiltshire," this story takes place in the distant 1962.

Early in the morning on a military base Melksham, near Avebury, received a phone call. The woman on the other end of the writhing in hysterics, and repeated about a UFO, which she allegedly saw last night near the ancient stones. The lady demanded that the military immediately sent someone to her to find out all the details of an incredible scene.

The document states that the eyewitness, whose name has been removed from the report in order to maintain confidentiality, all his life lived in Avebury and a singular poetic warehouse. Her favorite pastime was to wander alone among ancient megaliths and think about eternity.

In the evening she habitually walked in and noticed a small stone ball of light, looks no more than two feet in diameter, floating toward her. Most of all it was like a plasma cluster. Anything like that before the woman did not have to see.

From the fear she could not move, just watched in fascination as the ball approached, hovering above the ground at a height of 12 feet (4 meters). When between them left about five meters, the ball stopped, and it was dripping on the ground something like liquid metal — slowly and quietly. Then, in an instant, the ball exploded bright white flash.

Blinded by the glare she fell to her knees. When the eyes brightened, her eyes opened horrifying picture: shining the ball disappeared, and in its place there was something that she described as "a giant wriggling worm." According to her, being reached five feet (1.5 meters) in length, the thickness of eight to nine inches (3-4 cm), and his skin was a milky color.

As soon as the woman began to rise to his feet, the creature turned his head to her with huge bulging eyes. Then, moving like a caterpillar, a monster headed for the already frightened women. Last screamed and began to run.

On reaching home, she slammed the door and locked all the locks. The report said that the woman was at home barricaded, and agreed to return to the scene only after much persuasion. Then she was assured that the matter will be investigated at the highest level, and asked anyone not to discuss the incident.

The secret report was compiled by all the rules and sent to authorities. More than a week military, dressed in civilian clothes, were prowling the rocks in search of some something unusual. But to no avail

Notable, however, is the conclusion of the investigator: "Miss [removed] definitely experienced something that does not fit into the usual picture of her world. But whatever it was, it is beyond the competence of the investigators of the Royal Armed Forces. Perhaps it was a flying saucer, and Miss [removed] also confirmed this possibility. " Report ended sarcastic remark: "As the worm is, perhaps, the Loch Ness Monster has decided to change

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