Girl phenomenon Lisa Chumakov, I learned to see your hands!

November 16, 2012 17:11

"My child has a sixth sense." Photo: Press Service TV-3

— Guess which hand? — Lisa I show two clenched fists. Girl focused — for it is not just a guessing game, and the test to read thoughts.

She should get the information out of my head, even if I do not want to share it. "He is in his left hand, where the clock" — give a false mental setup. Lisa guessing. After all, she just sees the object in his right hand, why do I think so? But still shows on the left fist — it is empty.

— Well, I will not to deceive. But what is this thing? — I ask.

Lisa stares:

— This circular, for games.

In the palm of my rubber ball.

In Moscow schoolgirl and the participating TV-3, "My child has a sixth sense" Lisa Chumakova rare gift — the ability to see where the hidden object, exactly describe it, but through touch — to tell his story. We spoke with Lisa in a break from filming in the studio. The break was forced — at some point your computer can not "see" the connected camera. Cause of the failure photographer with the system administrator has not been found. The company, in a conversation we were mom Lisa Natalie and host of "My child sixth sense" psychic Galina Bagirov.

— Lisa, when you found a unique gift?

Lisa: about a year ago.

— What was it, do you realize that there is something unusual?

Lisa: I began to dream strange dreams. Then they came true. At first I was not paying attention, and then I was scared, I told my mother.

Natalia, mom Lisa: Yes, Lisa, and the truth was very frightened by these dreams. At first I comforted her, saying that it is normal. I really think that this is nothing special, and the most I sometimes dream, so to speak, prophetic dreams.

Galina Bagirov: Natasha, I am the way, I see that this is your line of Lisa's gift. Do you have family in clairvoyants, and now you can see sometimes dreams, and now Lisa.

— What did you think, Lisa dreamed? It's been good or bad dreams?

Lisa: It's just a picture. The car goes, we go for a walk in the park. And then I have my own eyes see it in real life.

— What a dream you remember?

Lisa: When I saw in a dream a black car with a number, and then my mother and I go down the street and passes it is this machine, also black, with the same number.

Galina Bagirov: Of course, do not expect that children will dream dreams of something special. While they are small, they dream of everyday stories. They walk, they see someone doing something, and then it all comes or happens in life.

— And you, Natalia, what dreams tell Lisa?

Natalia: It was an interesting situation where we have agreed with Lisa night, for breakfast I baked a cake. Then I beat the other and cooked breakfast. Lisa wakes up in the morning and says, "Mom, I had a dream that you do not cake and cottage cheese casserole." I advised her to go to the kitchen and see what I actually cooked. On the table was a casserole. True, Lisa?

Lisa: Yes. And remember, we were the guests arrive? I dreamed that we were walking through Red Square, and then to suddenly we have guests from out of town, we were taken to the Red Square.

— Lisa, what have you learned in the project "My child has a sixth sense"?

Lisa: Aunt Galya (as Lisa calls his mentor Galina Bagirov. — "Work") has taught me to "see your hands."

— Galina, how to teach a child to "see his hands?"

Galina Bagirov: Actually, the purpose of our project — to teach children to cope with his unique gift and try to reveal Th are other talents. All my players are completely different skills. And usually, if there is one gift that can be developed and others. Therefore, during the filming of each child waiting for a couple of lessons in which I teach and use your talents to manage them. And how I do it's probably best to look at the TV channel TV-3. But this is by no means a competition. I am often asked whether the winner in your project. Of course not. We did not fight, we have school psychics.

— Lisa a good student?

Galina Bagirov Lisa wonderful student. It is easy learner. I think that she telepathically read other people's thoughts. She is talkative, and you can see for yourself. But it is very closely monitored. In our studies it was a case where we have not yet come to the pet store, and she said to me already, "Aunt Galya, and there frogs?" I say, I do not know, let's have a look. That is, she considered the information I have, it is no one to say where we are going. Lizonka, did you enjoy the lesson? How did you feel then that there in a box under the black cloth were African frog?

Lisa: I do not know, I thought it was something cold and sticky.

Galina Bagirov: And what do you see? How do you know that they are from Africa?

Lisa: I thought about them a lot of grass, leaves and trees in Africa, I've seen these on TV.

Galina Bagirov: This lesson has shown me that Lizonka clairvoyant is not only a dream, but reality. Clairaudience it too, but the most unique gift — it kozhevidenie, what is called "see-handed." She touched by human hands and reads all information about him, about his problems. But she is still a child, so read all basically at the household level. But she was allowed to see fate.

— Natalia, but are not you afraid that your child — psychic?

Natalia: No. I think, if it is given, it means that for some reason is given, and we, her family, will only help Lisa to develop. We are very fortunate that we got to the project and met Galina, she continues to work with Lisa and off the set.

Galina Bagirov: There is such a thing — "energetic children," Lisa's — my daughter. I see a great future for her.

— In his book "The Kid and Carlson" parents baby really do not want anyone to know about his unusual friend — feared too much attention of journalists. Lisa, maybe your family would be better to keep secret your abilities — life would be easy?

Lisa: No, let's pay attention.

— What do you want to be when you grow up?

Lisa: Singer. I often imagine myself on stage. Am holding the microphone, singing, and looks at me a full house audience. Now I go to a music school to study singing, playing the guitar and piano, writes poetry.

Galina Bagirov: I also see that it is implemented in the most creative profession. Greater capacity for languages. She has a tendency to the humanities, it is Lisa, too, from her mother.

— Lisa, what do you imagine our lives in a few decades?

Lisa: Once we were in the school was asked to draw the car of the future. She introduced me to fly. You press the button — there are seats. You press another button — the food appears. And this car will be without gasoline.

— They say the world will end soon, and many seem to believe. Is this true? Galina, you see that as a psychic?

Galina: The other day I went to talk to the ground, I saw the snow on December 21, and it was quiet, there was no panic, everything should be fine.

— Lisa, what do you think?

Lisa: Doomsday will not be! We will continue to live as before. But one day the world will end all wars and there will be peace. I believe in it!

Our reference
Leading project TV3 "My child sixth sense" Galina Bagirov also in early childhood has psychic abilities. This gift she inherited from her parents and more than 30 years working with children with special abilities, helping them adjust to normal life. Believes that to develop the ability to be very careful. If the child is able to download a little more than normal, it can get sick. And Galina sure that you need to work not only with children but also their parents. After all, a gifted child can not be separated from his family.

By the way

That children can — TV project participants

Beers-Eric Chernoff, 3.5 years

Sees ghosts in the apartment. Shows an empty space and shouting, "Grandma, dog, uncle!" Sometimes says that makes a dog. Wakes up at night screaming, asking to drive evil grandmother. Can predict the future. Dar opened once began to speak.

Eugene Afonasov, 14

Sees spirits can communicate with them in the struggle. He says that his power is manifested in the battle with the demons to energy beings. Very interested in the pagan culture, reading books, studying history. Can conjure. Can accelerate or catch up on the clouds. Engaged in healing. His grandmother once held white magic. But she absolutely does not want Jack to practice magic and further developed his abilities. Grandma wants him to be a normal kid.

Anna Ivanova, 15 years old

Can cause wind outdoors and indoors. Since childhood, speaks a foreign language. Said aloud the request in the language, can cause a person to commit unconsciously desired action to it. Has clairvoyance. Can you talk about his personal life a stranger, for this it is enough to talk to him on the phone, or to enter into correspondence. Reads the thoughts of others. Sees ghosts.

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