Graduated from the FSB investigation against ideologue coup

Investigation Department of the Federal Security Service has ended the criminal investigation against Dr. Peter Khomyakov, the 1st of the ideologists of Russian nationalists. According to the counter-intelligence, it is shared with a number of other scientists stole the funds allocated for gosproekty, and blew them to support extremist groups, who were preparing a coup in Russia.

As told to "Rosbaltu" a source in the security services, in the final version of Khomiakov charged with fraud, inciting ethnic and religious hatred, and even a number of articles of the Criminal Code. In the coming time he can begin to get acquainted with the case.

According to investigators, recognizable scientist, past the Institute for Systems Analysis Peter hamsters in their time wrote a manifesto on the need for the liberation of the Russian people and the debunking of alien religions, which took Judaism, Islam and Christianity. He also made an extremist group "Northern Brotherhood," whose ultimate goal was to overthrow the government in Russia.

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