Grigory Vasilevich: In terrorist brains on one side

It is not clear that for those who committed the terrorist attack in Minsk subway, there were political forces Prosecutor General Grigory Vasilevich, answering questions from May 12 to the House of Representatives — BelaPAN.

Vasiljevic said that "nothing about the relatively new motives of those who committed the crime," can not speak. "What could be the motive of a person who commits a felony? Person on consciousness, but brains on one side — is undoubtedly" — he said.

Thus V. thinks there is every reason "to make the country a number of measures of educational, organizational, ideological, legal nature."

According to the prosecutor, the investigation "and has worked extensively at the same time intends to send the case to court possible faster. "" In the next month or two it will be clear when the case will go to court, "- he said.

Now in custody are two people involved in the commission of the terrorist attack in Minsk subway, said Grigory Vasilevich.

On He said, these are the two people who have been indicted. As reported earlier on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack were arrested the father of the accused, his older brother and a girl. Now they are not in custody, said Vasiljevic.

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