Grodno expressed about proposals to teach religion in school


Woman: "I think that choosing a religion — Orthodox, or Catholic, or even some sort — a man can at the age of 30-40 years, when he was in a life already formed. A force it to children — there is no point, they grow themselves and will make this choice . "

Man: "It does not matter what religion a person, but he is above all a man. And if you stick to the school, for example, only Christian values, we feel ourselves as Jews or Muslims who are sitting next? It will be sent to the disorder.'s The way I think" .

Woman: "Of course, I'm for that studied religion does not teach bad. Take, for example, shalt not steal, do not drink, love thy neighbor …"

Guy: "It will turn out that the school will exist differences: religion teaches that God created all things, and school books — everything is created as a result of the evolution and development …"

His friend: "I had recently was a student and did not want to have one additional item, because it just would not stand it. We already due to reduction of the period of training for the two year program have overcome."

Woman: "Perhaps it would extend the philosophical outlook of the person. Suppose learn …"

"I will, since religion never taught poor. Now we have lost a lot, because they do not teach the law of God from school. And there are not taught to kill and steal, as is now happening in our lives."

Guy: "In my opinion, should be studied, since religion is changing attitudes to life. I think if you introduce the teaching of religion, it will decrease the number of offenses."

His friend:
"It all depends on the quality of teaching that same religion, literature, and history. We did not teach religion in school, but we went to church for many years Devyatovtsy. And these lessons have changed the way we look at many things in life. Religion should be introduced, but only with the consent of the parents, in fact there are different people, including atheists. "


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