Grodno on the 60th decree: This is an invasion of privacy

"How do you assess government measures for limiting freedom of the Internet?" On the question has been answered Grodno passers-by.

Young people: "I think there should be so, because more will be any outrage when they start to open all means — it is possible, it will go unpunished. Everything must be under."

Girl: "Of course, this would not be desirable, since it restricts the freedom of the individual. Secondly, those who want to escape, they will find some sort of ploy to get around the limitations."

It does not have to be if the internet cafe — it is necessary to take passport

"I think it's wrong, do not do that."

Young people:
"I think it's not very good …"

Young people: "I think it's an invasion of privacy."

Young people:
"Monitoring should be, but not as a global, just to the internet was not vulgar. And so — I think you people control over a cellular connection, it will just continue to deteriorate, and not only in our country."

Young people:
"There should not be so, everything should be incognito. Man is a person, and you can not control it so much."

Man: "I do not know — that they will control? What you send and what you receive? I have not read the decree and can not say anything.'m Not interested internet, kids enjoy them, I — no."

Young people: "Of course, it looks strange in our time. They have more freedom there, and we have all the" nuts "and" nuts. "All against."

Young people:
"There must be freedom. A person should have the right, where the" climb "and will have to register. And so we close the deal for young people and a lot of inhibitions. And if the Internet prohibit the free use of some sites, it will be bad for us. Oto together, with each year getting worse and worse it gets. "

The student:
"About a decree number sixty know. This should not be done if the internet cafe — it is necessary to take your passport. Same — the idea was to make the registration mail. But it will be limited in access to information, rights are violated."

Another student:
"I am generally against such control, to be honest. Unpleasant that I will control: here I visited the site, and will know the whole year, I went for it. Maybe I do not want it, I want that information remains confidential. There sites where registration is required in order to know who comes. A large scale to do it, sure — it's too much, do not have to do that. "


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