Grodno: the first step towards the street Bykov


The new street is zanemanskoy part of town — right behind the New Bridge. It — October Administrative Region. Street bends yak bend, cars get on it right away to the outskirts, where — the road on August Channel. It will only be built up from the left, the other — a forest park, behind which — Neman river and a large beach.

How about the possibility that the street Bykov may appear at the Neman, literary critic and member of the Union of Belarusian Writers Igor Zhuk?

Beetle"It is a viable option, so I do not dumayu.Kali the street where she would just had to do Bykov,

When you consider that the city will grow in the wrong direction, this place can get almost no time the city center.

but at least this version. All the more so considering that the city will grow in the wrong direction, this place can get almost no time the city center. It's better than calling out where houses are being built. It is necessary to support such a thing. Why not find some kind of consensus? I, in any case, would have supported. "

Historian Andrew Chernyakevich delves Grodno streets. What does he think about the proposal to name the new street name for the Neman Bykov?

Chernyakevich"If we talk about the politics of small steps, of course, it is very good news. All the more so, As far as I know, with this decision Toponimical Commission approved a proposal to establish there or a plaque or other sign, dedicated to writer. When you consider that the streets still do not look like a bulls, it — just a lot.

Perhaps this first experience will be to show that nothing bad happens in the street, too, can live Bykov. Perhaps it will be one of the best streets of zanemanskoy … "

However, the historian Andrew Chernyakevich government wants to wait for the decision — whether or not the city will finally ul Vasil Bykov? It also leaves some disappointment though street writer who has lived in Grodno quarter of a century, must in the center of the city, according to the historian.

The new street is zanemanskoy of Grodno, the right of the new bridge, the river separates its small grove of Jewish cemeteries.


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