Group of Olmec stone heads

If the group known today Olmec stone heads on their size, it is found that they are three groups: a height of 3.2 meters (one head), 2,7-2,2 meters (seven goals) and 1,7-1,3 meters (nine goals) jump in size between the two groups is about 0.5 meters.

Each of the groups is inherent in the type of picture on your helmet. At the largest head (type 1) with a height of 3.2 meters and a weight of 46 tons (of Olmec settlement Kobato) pulled his helmet without any pattern. Helmeted head on type 2 (height 2,7-2,2 m) — complex images such as on-the-clutches, clawed paws, some posters. Finally, on the helmet head type 3 (1,7-1,3 m) — a simple drawing (one or two lines or bands of beam type ribbons).

One can conjecture: these stone heads — portraits of heaven "angels" who were expelled "god" (commander of an extraterrestrial spacecraft) for violation of the cosmic law of sin and with earthly women. Three groups of animals, identified by statistical analysis (according to their size and characteristics of the helmet) — three of the "inferior" members of the ship's crew, whom Enoch calls elim, Erel and tefsarim. The largest head — a portrait of the leader of the "angels" Semjase, the rest — the portraits of 16 other leaders of the "angels" that have entered into an agreement (two heads, in my opinion, have not been found because, as Enoch says, "all the leaders there were 19") . But which of the goals — a portrait Arameela that — Anani, Zaguebe, we will probably never know.

One might think that banished to Earth "angels" have chosen the most suitable (for example, climatic conditions) area, which was Mezoame Rica. Here they are "staked" by his own self-portraits made portions of their possessions and began to "govern" by the Indians, the fruit of the giants. As the founding fathers of the "angels" and their bastard sons have sunk into oblivion over the life of one of their generation (particularly pernicious their individual groups could be eliminated by punitive expeditions vnezemlyan, how about telling Garsilyaso de la Vega).

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