Hamas stops the war against Israel

Movement Palestine agreed to start talks with Israel, with all this emphasis on the borders that were in 1967.
As reported by Lenta.ru, December 19 (Monday), referring to the statement of Tahir al-Nunu (representative of Hamas), a radical movement Palestine Hamas has decided to change the strategy of their struggle for freedom. Now they shall be removed from gun violence, and are set to hold talks.

Assistant actual control of Gaza commented: "Violence can serve as a more major way. But if Israel would put pressure on us, we still reserve the right to implacable resistance. "
According to Western analysts, Hamas changes not only the strategy, but also absolutely changes the whole strategy of struggle. They believe that the movement wants to follow the example of the organization of Egypt, called the "Muslim Brotherhood", which is quite a long time operated only in the ways of terror and violence, until at one point, did not take fully moderate positions. Yet Hamas still recognized Israel's territorial boundaries 1967 years, and has agreed to lead this ground talks following the establishment of the independence of Palestine. Several representatives of the movement not previously lusted consider talks without establishing full control of the Arabs of Palestine, with the "Zionist entity."

Specialists in their own worldview concluded that the premise of this configuration is that Hamas have soured business with Iran and Syria. And at the moment is largely focused on grouping the position of Turkey and Qatar, who are convinced that the Palestinians should be used more flexible strategy in its own struggle against the state of Israel.

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