Hancharyk: Maybe Russia is seeking the introduction of the Russian ruble

Management's decision to deny the Russian Federation, Belarus stabilization loan of $ 1 billion commented PhD Goncharik.

Recall now the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin said that Belarus can get money from the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund, but the possibility of a loan from Russia is not considered. Kudrin also told the Belarusian leadership to ask for money to the IMF, to individual countries and to privatize:

"Very bad news. Do not know to what extent the political subtext here, but this is another step toward that Moscow is trying to achieve certain goals in economic terms. Perhaps at stake any agreement on the most profitable and lucrative business, but the most main theme for I think, — it is still the introduction of the Russian ruble. What, by the way, recently spoke openly Russian Ambassador Alexander Surikov. As the saying goes, No washing, the katannem. "

Reporter: "And it has already been negotiated, went to Moscow government officials who reported the receipt of the loan in the middle of May …"

"It's really not clear. Therefore possible that such a decision had a hand in its pages Belarus. Primarily, his statements against the West, remarks against the European ambassadors on May 9. Therefore, it is possible to be consultations between the EU and Russia on Belarus. There's more on the agenda of the Belarusian issue costs. But in any case, frankly, it's the pressure. "

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