Hand Gun

Hand Gun
Hand gun — specifically because the full title stands for «Rucni Top» mnogokalibernoy RT-20 rifles Croatian design. This mini-monster was created in the midst of the 1990s, during the Serbo — Croatian conflict after the collapse of the Federal Government of Yugoslavia. The main purpose of RT-20 was a struggle with appliances, including light armored. RT-20 is available now RH-Alan and is in service with the Croatian Army.

Mnogokalibernaya sniper rifle RT-20 — it is certainly one of the most fascinating specimens of sniper guns. Let’s start with the fact that this rifle is one of the most massive serially produced, and the rest 20 mm caliber weapon created on the basis of a more feeble cartridge, and those rifles, caliber which exceeds 2 cm, created almost single-piece. Creating the rifle fell on time Serbo-Croatian conflict here then took an instrument that failed to penetrate far distances on all kinds of personal body armor, as well as excellent fight with enemy snipers at distances difficult their arms. This model is manufactured rifles Croatian company RH-Alan. Very fine rifle characterizes its title Rucni Top? Which translates as hand gun, and why is it called a bit below.

As with any weapon in the base of rifle ammo. In the RT-20 is dvadtsatimillimetrovy projectile (20h110) from the anti-aircraft gun Hispano Suiza HS 404. Now launched production of high-explosive, armor-piercing incendiary ammunition and armor, the weight of the projectile cartridge itself is about 130 grams, and powder charge accelerates to 830 meters in second. What would a rough idea of ​​what this energy from the projectile can draw an analogy with chuck 12.7 h99 standard NATO returns created by the shot 20h110 chuck, chuck out four times the 12.7, it is obvious that here also plays the role of the weight of guns and other but for example, such a comparison is completely good.
Hand Gun

If associated with cartridges from 20h82 German air guns that are used in mnogokaliberny TPP-20 rifle that power 20h110 cartridge twice. In other words, the energy released when fired cartridge is very large, and here it is necessary to pay tribute to the skill of gunsmiths who find a way to keep it under control. The first thing that comes to mind when you compare with other 20h110 ammunition cartridges is a question on the impact gun. If the anti-aircraft guns, this issue was significant in so far as, because no one had never occurred to shoot out of it without the machine, then handguns this question as never before burning. Obviously, the impact is needed to quench a powerful and effective muzzle brake compensator recoil, but we know that the most effective of them can pay off 30-35 percent, with all this, we should not forget that the muzzle brake compensator recoil directs propellant gases angled toward the arrow, causing the arrow ears, to put it mildly, did not feel comfortable.

Mnogokalibernaya sniper rifle RT-20 has a powerful three-chamber muzzle brake, and bundled with the instrument can be found large headphones, which are more like an instrument of torture used in the Middle Ages, repossession, because very very compressed skull, for a very snug fit. But if you choose between concussion and such an inconvenience, the choice naturally falls on the latter. But it’s all fully expected from the gun, but the pipe is located above the rifle can cause a number of issues. The fact is that to compensate for recoil rifles used jet thrust produced by powder gases. In the barrel rifles do a number of holes through which the powder gases fall into this so referred reactive system, eventually the rifle during firing jet thrust pushes forward and pushes it returns back, and the two forces cancel each other out.

Such a system could compensate for the impact not only reduce it to zero, and even force the instrument to move forward, but be aware that the powder gases, falling to a reactive system, could be useful to work, driving a bullet in the barrel, because quite clean out tools not the ideal implementation of the system, because it takes energy from the bullet in the barrel, but lower by 40-50 percent without significantly lowering the energy of the bullet is completely real. So Makarov, is still the order of 20-30 per cent return, which will be painfully perceived shooter when firing. In order to lower their guns located on the butt-butt plate accordion, when fired, a small portion of the powder gases gets into it and forces expand, the offsetting impact in the end shot of «hand cannon» does not cause more trouble than say shot 12.7 rifle weighing 10 kilograms.

Of course, that such a system has a number of recoil damping negative aspects in-1’s, the flame escaping from the reactive compensation system efficiency. And it is not so much that you can not shoot a rifle in a closed room or whenever you need to look back, do not someone behind that would not fry your own comrade. The main problem of such a system is that the shot sniper position is immediately open, and even if your opponent does not see the flash when he fired just will determine where the sniper on the trail of smoke. And even if all this can be omitted, rather look at the terrain through the night vision device based on infrared radiation that would see the where the sniper, because pipe reactive compensation system will return to shine bright and true because the highest temperature. Unfortunately, the pipe itself, as the rifle is not covered with paint, non-conductive heat, on the other hand implements effective range of about 2-thousand meters, which mitigates this shortcoming.

Is arranged according to the scheme bullpup weapon that reduces its size, but in this case imposes a number of shortcomings. So if other rifles can fully operated by one person, the shooting of this gun you need two people at least, due to the fact that the bolt action rifle is far behind the pistol handle, and that would make overcharging arrow to shoot gun from his shoulder, move relatively rifle back and make a lot more manipulation that not only unmask him, and will lower the rate of fire. While the second person of the sniper calculation can be spent on overcharging than 20 seconds. 20 seconds seems pretty huge gap of time to reload, but here it is necessary to take into account that after the shot should pass more than 5-10 seconds only and then you can remove the empty sleeve. Open sights RT-20 does not have, and understandably so. Optical sight mounted on a bracket, installed at the junction of the barrel and recoil reactive compensation system on the left side. Rifle bipod has powerful enshrined in the front of the forearm, which can be adjusted in height, taking into account the weight of the guns and the recoil force, shooting away with not only contraindicated, or simply impossible.

Hand Gun
Sniper ammo: SP-5 (9h39), 7,62 x54AR, 338 Lapua Mag., 50MBG (12,7 x99), 12,7 x108, 20×81 Mauser, 20×110 «Hispano-Suiza»

Mnogokalibernaya sniper rifle RT-20 is a stern gun, both outside and practice implementation, with the danger it represents for light armored vehicles and means of location and communication. This gun has no equal until the middle of the other sniper rifles, both power and weight, because she just rifle disassembled into two modules, each weighing about 10 kg, which are carried in a pouch sniper calculation.

The performance properties of RT-20
Caliber (mm): 20
Barrel length (mm): 1330
Unloaded weight (kg): 19.2
Sights: Scopes Variable Scope

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