Haunted house in the center of Chelyabinsk

January 19, 2013 0:12

Haunted house in the center of Chelyabinsk. Strange noises frighten residents of flats in the street of the Commune. Muffled rattle witnesses describe the same. Hundreds of families seems as if one of the neighbors all day moving furniture.

Tatiana and his son watching a fairy tale. However, what is happening in their home is more like a horror movie. All day and night they hear strange noises. First sin on neighbors. But it turned out, the tenants above also suffer from incomprehensible noise.

Tatiana Vahmyanina: "Sounds like something from the top moving. At first could not understand, I think all this will pass. Then it through the night, every 5 minutes, every 20 minutes, all this is going on. We were worried, went to the neighbors, and each neighbor thinks his neighbor. "

Tatiana found out — the neighbors is not to blame. But the mysterious sounds heard all the residents of flats. People began to think that went nuts. The house. Or crawling boards.

Nina Shibanova, a resident of the house, "Well, that's about 10 minutes ago … there was a sound … like a hammer knocked a few times … once 7-8, and then — as if something had gone."

Crying house — hear everything but Victor Fedyanina. Designer home. He also lives in a mysterious high-rise. True, the reason for the unusual rumbling called immediately. It appeared to blame — Ural frosts.

Victor Fedyanin, designer home: "In the street — 30, + 25 in the apartment, the difference — 50.60 degrees. Inevitably, some materials nagrevayustya and expanding others — cool reduced. We can assume that the temperature is seasonal movement. Soprovozhdayustya they crackle, clicks. As if something breaks. Sometimes even that! ".

By the way, these "troubled" houses in Russia — was not enough. On the Internet, hundreds of people from across the country complain rattle the walls. True, frightened residents refuse to believe in scientific explanations. Thus, the inhabitants of Smolensk and Ryazan still see in a strange rumble barabashek antics.

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