He arrived in Gomel — went to jail

In Gomel detention center confirmed that a citizen of Russia, Alexander Konovalov, was detained on June 15 during the "Revolution through social networks," spent last night in jail.

Mr. Konovalov no relation to the shares had not. He arrived with his wife in the Gomel region of Khabarovsk and was arrested in the central city park, which is adjacent to the Lenin Square, where yesterday and held a share.

Employees prison reported that Alexander Konovalov soon taken to the central police station, which yesterday and sent a Russian citizen in jail. His wife is going to appeal to the Russian embassy because of the unjustified detention of her husband Belarusian policemen.

Spent the night in prison and a young Gomel resident Ruslan Ustsimenka. He was also captured commandos during yesterday's action "Revolution through social networks", delivered to the Central police station, and then — in the infirmary. The police did not announce his fate. But likely, it is waiting for the court razbiraltstva.

On Lenin Square yesterday were arrested also a member of the NGO "Belarusian Association of Journalists" Larisa Schiryakova and regional correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Belarus, "Paul Mickiewicz — they filmed the action on video. After a personal search of the Tsentalnym police station they were released. With camera and camcorder Paul Mickiewicz removed all the pictures.

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