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Herbal medicine is used in medicine for thousands of years. Herbs treated his patients in the II century Roman physician Galen. Decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants watered patient sultan in the XI century, the great Avicenna. Today, at any pharmacy you can find herbs and herbal teas for all occasions, from colds and coughs, from swelling and increased pressure from constipation and diarrhea from anxiety and lowered immunity.

?It would seem that nothing new can not come up with herbal medicine. However, specialists clinics obesity Origiteya ® have developed a new herbal teas that act on organism comprehensively improve the work of all organs and systems, as well as help to maintain good health while reducing weight.

??Have been created teas Origiteya ® Dr. Fly ®? What is included in their composition, and how do they work? These and other questions are answered MD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.?

— Tell us about the history of herbal teas Origiteya ®.? It all started with the fact that we, together with the Research Centre of traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment Medical University investigated the method of weight reduction Golden Needle ®. Blood and urine samples of our patients have shown that getting rid of extra pounds is accompanied by intoxication of an organism products of fat breakdown. This affects the appearance, state of health, the state of the internal organs. And we began to think about how to solve the problem.?

— With the help of herbal medicine?

?Yes. First, it is an effective method of time-tested. Secondly, at least contraindications of herbal medicine, which is especially important for our patients. Because obesity when it comes to advanced stages, accompanied by numerous diseases …

?First, we tested the existing teas, but the results were not satisfying. So I had to experiment for yourself. The result of years of work we have become a unique 4-phase system, which allowed virtually free our patients from intoxication.

— What is a 4-phase system?

?This 4 herbal tea: "Detox utroTM ',' Easy way to beauty ®», «Pirseydzh ®» and «Detox vecherTM." Each tea has a unique combination of herbs, taken in a specific amount, and accordingly, each of them in their effect on organism. The formulas of the four teas are patented. This is our know-how.

?In the final study, one group of patients who received a course of weight reduction using the Golden Needle ®, we regularly (several months) were given our teas, and another group — no. Analyses showed a significant reduction in the amount of acetone and ketone bodies in blood and urine of patients in the first group. They feel much better than those of the second group. Against the background of herbal medicine they have improved memory, reduced fatigue, and lost bad breath. Furthermore, they lost weight much faster. After the experiment, many patients said they would like to continue to drink our tea, "prevention".

?- Herbal teas Origiteya ® are designed only for those who lose weight?

?Not necessarily. They're not only detoxify the body from decay products of fat, but also able to take any other intoxicating. ? — What do you mean? ?Intoxication is endogenous and exogenous. Exogenous — one that affects us from the outside, endogenous — that is inside. Exogenous intoxication — This drug toxins, dyes and food preservatives, alcohol, nicotine, and elevated levels of radiation and could we breathe daily. An example of endogenous intoxication — the products of fat breakdown during weight loss, the waste products of pathogens in chronic disease and decay products of our own cells, resulting in oxidative stress and aging of the body so that the issue of intoxication is relevant to all of us, especially for people living in big cities.?. So the desire of our patients to drink herbal tea for the prevention is justified.

?- Let's look at each of the teas detail …

?The first herbal tea in our 4-phase system — "Detox utroTM." It has a powerful cleansing effect by improving renal blood flow and removing excess fluid from the body. Furthermore, it gives easy a tonic effect, improves mental performance, stimulates memory and attention. "Detox utroTM" quickly banish sleep, cheer, and set up a working mood. ? The composition of herbal tea: The leaves of willow-herb (Epilobium uzkolist tion), the flowers of calendula (marigold), hawthorn, coriander leaves are a nettle, rose hips, mint leaves, birch leaves, grass knotweed (Polygonum aviculare), yarrow flowers, grains of oats , linden flowers.

— And what is recommended to drink tea in the afternoon?

?Two daily herbal tea "Pirseydzh ®» and «Easy way to beauty ®» — both have an anti-stress effect. They are relaxing at the time of the greatest emotional load, but it does not weaken the account (You can drive a car.)?

— And how do they differ from each other?

Phyto "Pirseydzh ®» reduces the excitability of the central nervous system, increases resistance to stress, regulate metabolism, has a mild diuretic and choleretic action, as well as anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory. Because of this Herbal teas and improves blood flow to the heart to normal pressure.

Phyto "Easy way to beauty ®» relaxes less, but improves digestion (gives easy cholagogic and laxative effect), relieves spasms and reduces the cholesterol in the blood. In addition, "The easy way to beauty ®» contains flavonoids — the so-called "phytoestrogens" (plant "analog" of female sex hormones).

— Hence, it is useful to women?

?Yes. Especially in women older than 35 years. The fact is that around this age, the female body starts to decrease estrogen levels (sex hormones). Receptors respond to their deficit and send the signal to the brain that it's time to start the self-destruct mechanism — aging. Because the individual with low concentrations of sex hormones can not reproduce the evolution do not need it — ballast.

?To stop the aging process, it is necessary that the body does not realize that he has little sex hormones. You can take these estrogens (but they have a negative effect on the liver, blood clotting and metabolism), and you can "score" receptors "phytoestrogens." Receptor "thinks" that connected with this hormone and sends a pulse of aging in the brain. Such is the delicate mechanism.?

— It turns out that the herbal tea "Easy Way the beauty ® »all-female?

?No. In men, because they have no corresponding receptors, flavonoids simply improve metabolism. ? The composition of herbal tea "Easy way to beauty ®»: mint leaves, lime flowers, hops cones, fruits, coriander, grains of oats, motherwort herb, calendula flowers (but GOTKA).

— We have had our last herbal tea — the evening …?

Phyto "Detox vecherTM" normalize intestinal function, improves lymph flow, has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, reduces toxicity of the body products of fat breakdown, increases the absorption of vitamins and beneficial trace elements. Moreover, it improves sleep.

?- Does your 4-phase system of herbal teas contraindications?

?Contraindications minimum: individual intolerance, pregnancy and breast-feeding tion. Thanks to the enveloping effect of ground oats, which is included in all of our herbal teas, they do not irritate the stomach (unlike other herbal). They can not even drink in gastritis for the prevention of exacerbations.

?- How to take herbal teas Origiteya ®?

?Brew a bag of herbal tea with boiling water — and drink. A glass for each type of tea — four cups a day. If you lower the weight, I recommend the use of our whole period of slimming teas. If you drink them for prevention, the best course is 3 months, and then repeat it for 1 month in the spring and fall.


Source: Hospital Origiteya ®?

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