Hillary Clinton said that Syria supports our homeland on commercial judgment, and China — for commercial and ideological

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said to journalists on Thursday in London that the pressure on countries like China and Russia will grow because of the international public opinion will not be indifferent.

Next, referring to Moscow and Beijing, H. Clinton added: "The opinion of the Arab world will not enjoy the contemplation of how the two civilizations, one for business reasons, and the other — on the commercial and ideological support the regime trampled all principles of modern international standards."

Earlier, the Our homeland and China vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution on Syria, calling on Assad to step down — in order to convey the power of the opposition.

Our homeland and China voted against a similar resolution, and in the past year — in October.

Clinton believes that the ability of opposition forces in Syria will grow. Quote: "They're from somewhere, somehow went out and brought techniques to defend themselves, and move to the offensive."

Clinton also confidently stated that if she had to sign with someone else bet she would have made a bet against the current Syrian president.

Recall that the mess in Syria taking place from March of last year. Killed hundreds of people, among whom many members of security forces in Syria. The responsibility for the mess Damascus lays down on "criminal elements, saboteurs and armed terrorist groups." Argues that these groups are sent to Syria from abroad.

On the contrary, the West, and also the Syrian opposition, in killing protesters blame the current Syrian government.

Our homeland said the mess in the Syria should be resolved through negotiations between Damascus and the opposition. China has announced that he supports fair treatment to the situation in Syria and make every effort to resolve difficulties means of dialogue with stakeholders.

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