His call sign — Maestro watch online

His call sign - "Maestro" watch online
Memory Twice Hero of the Russian Union military pilot Vitaly Popkov, who died Feb. 7, 2010. Film "His callsign — "Maestro"Dedicated to the Russian fighter pilots. This is a story about" Singing squadron "of Maestro — VN Popkov and the everyday life of the fighter pilots. The movie answers a lot of questions unhealthy. For example, why our pilots were not prepared for the battle with the harsh opponent. Why was not a lot of "old man"? Stealther is revealed and mathematics Wehrmacht: on what basis was of German aircraft shot down enemy aircraft that they turned out in advance more than the Russian news bulletins?
And, of course, the movie answers the most important questionFrom whence it so much courage in completely still young and inexperienced guys …

Second global war

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