Historians insist that Hitler survived nine years of Stalin

January 18, 2012 17:05

Among the main sensations 2011 Scottish newspaper The Scotsman named version of the two historians with Albion to flee Hitler's Berlin in 1945. "This theory is a sensation, because it rewrites history! — Admires edition. And said: — Russia is preparing to refute it, unveiling details of Hitler's death. "

DELIRIUM old school?

However, the form of one of the "heroes of the year" Gerard Williams is not very joyful. And my compliments he reacts pretty grim:

— Now the first thing I think of is that I filled death threats. It's too big, we ruffled feathers. Whose? Scientists of the traditional school, and even some governments. And special services here and overseas.

Indeed, historians Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan alarmed many. However, at first, their theory seemed delusional. Besides the old school: how to appear every delights of flight Hitler!

But gradually the stunning saga began to intrigue. Indeed, the authors give tirelessly, as they said, "all the new irrefutable evidence" on TV, radio and in newspapers. Recently released book, "The gray wolf: flight of Adolf Hitler," which became a best seller with lightning speed. Now on it making a documentary.

Gerard Williams, author of the noise which caused the British book "Grey Wolf: fleeing Adolf Hitler," assured "Komsomolskaya Pravda", which would not take up the subject, if I was not completely certain that Hitler managed to escape from the besieged Berlin.

Background research may also inspire some confidence. Welshman Gerard Williams had worked for BBC TV channels BBC and Sky News. He, like Simon Dunstan — the author of many articles and TV programs about history. On a book about the "gray wolf" they have worked more than five years.

Simular reigns

… April 27, 1945, when Soviet troops stormed Berlin, two figures got out of the secret tunnel that connected the Reich Chancellery with the world. Soon, middle-aged couple sitting on a plane. Pilot Peter Baumgart was deathly pale and sweaty. After all, he raised himself into the air of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

So begins the story as presented by fleeing Hitler Gerard. Like, three days before its official suicide, Hitler agreed to be replaced by a double. And the role of Eva Braun played a little-known actress.

The couple initially taken to the Danish town of Tonder, then — on the basis of the German Luftwaffe in Trevemunde and then by plane JU 252 in Reus (Spain), to the south of Barcelona. There's General Franco gave the Fuehrer with the Spanish aircraft identification marks. The leader of the Nazis brought to the Canary Islands, in Fuertuventura, and the next day he and Eva Braun went on board the submarine.

In the same minute in Berlin were murdered by their counterparts, and their bodies burned.

Soviet soldier posing against the background of the sofa in Hitler's bunker, which is believed to be a Nazi number 1 and the newly formed his wife Eva Braun committed suicide April 30, 1945.

When Soviet troops seized Reich Chancellery, the yard it in the cup, found the bones and ashes. It was believed that the remains of Hitler and his passion. But those for whom they were hunting, in fact, already been out of reach for the depth of the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the plan Borman

Of course, the author — the person concerned, however anyone else to ask, where did this version. Of his own head?

— Where does my head? — Outraged Gerard. — We do not want this disgusting story was true. And to the greatest villain the world has escaped. But where to get away from the facts.

According to him, in 1943, the head of the Nazi party and Hitler's closest associate of Martin Bormann had approved a plan to "relocate" the top Nazi leadership from Germany to South America. It was proposed to create a fourth Reich. Every detail has been worked out a route to escape.

Sam Borman also used it. The Nuremberg Tribunal in the absence of "Parteigenosse" sentenced him in absentia to death. After this tense debate: where could he hide? When the statute of limitations has expired for the British secret documents (50), one of the local James Bond Christopher Creton told that Bormann escaped from the bunker in Berlin in the evening of May 1. After a week and a half, he came to the Allies, who had brought him in Basel, Switzerland, and then — in England! As a result of plastic surgery changed the face of Bormann, gait, voice. In 1956, he was taken to Argentina, and later — in the colony who had taken refuge in Paraguay Nazis. Where he died three years later.

About this operation, according to Creton knew Winston Churchill and his successor in the summer of 1945 as prime minister Anthony Eden.

— In terms of Bormann his boss appeared under the codename "Grey Wolf" — says Gerard. — Hence the name of this book. U.S. intelligence agencies secretly taken Hitler and Eva Braun in the hope to have more access to the German secret. In addition, to preserve life Nazi bosses Americans get fantastic money. And they are, understandably, concealed, where the war criminals. Remember the fate of the German designer Rocket Wernher von Braun? He faithfully served the Fuhrer, and after the defeat of the Wehrmacht headed the American space program.

Why to escape Hitler was elected Argentina? Authorities of the country sympathized ringleaders of the Third Reich, even sent them fake passports. After the war, it is anchored in Argentina most inveterate Nazi executioners: Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, Klaus Barbie … but dissolve in the jungle they failed. Many were later caught, but still about a thousand war criminals are still hiding in more than twenty countries: Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, the same, Sudan. "We will pursue them to the grave", — said the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Efraim Zuroff. Search is called "Operation Last Chance."

30 THE FBI following "Grey Wolf"

— The Soviet Union has always given conflicting accounts of what happened in the chaos of the last days of the war in Hitler's bunker — says Gerard. — The remains, according to Russian, were buried but later exhumed and moved to different places, to the grave of Adolf does not become a place of pilgrimage. However after a while it became clear that the Russian keep a portion of the skull of Hitler with a bullet hole entrance and side handles the couch where, as expected, the Führer had shot himself. They claimed that these items — witness his suicide. Recently, however, molecular biologists from the U.S. conducted DNA testing skull. Their conclusion: the skull belongs to a woman under the age of forty years, not Hitler, who in 1945 was 56. And Eva Braun has no bearing. Fuhrer's wife committed suicide by taking cyanide. What's the wound from a bullet?

In the post-war files FBI agent Gerard read the reports from the different countries and other evidence that Hitler escaped from Berlin and started a new life in South America. 30 years FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and his men were on the leader of the Nazi files.

In his book on the "gray wolf" says that in 1945, U.S. President Harry Truman, who took part in a conference in Potsdam, Stalin asked a question: if Hitler died? "No," — said the Soviet leaders. And the next head of the White House Dwight Eisenhower in the 50s, said: "The U.S. failed to detect the slightest tangible evidence of Hitler's death."


Listen to this a really new version of the tale of the "gray wolves." Fuhrer together with Eva Braun arrived in the Argentine resort town of Mar del Plata. There he was greeted "with quiet enthusiasm." In the foothills of the Andes, he lived until 1962. Mr. Williams was at his house, which resembles Hitler's residence "Berghof" in the Bavarian Alps. And Eva Braun supposedly left her forever Blessed in 1953 and moved to the city in the west of Argentina Neukuen. Her house is also preserved.

Who all confirm? Pilot Peter Baumgart, senior Japanese diplomat who served in Berlin, doctors, chefs, bodyguards who worked for Hitler … They met Gerard during numerous trips to Argentina. True, the names of many of them, he does not name. Why? Following the release last October of the book "Grey Wolf" he threatened, and they asked to keep secret their data.

— Two of my companions, — tells me Mr. Williams — a detailed account of how their parents saw the Fuhrer. How many amazing facts I learned from the 78-year-old Argentine, who now lives in London! In 1953 and 1956, he, as a young man, Hitler spoke to a hotel in the center of Buenos Aires. His description of Adolf aged coincides exactly with the impressions of other witnesses. By the way, Hitler was then without a mustache.

The name of another witness, obviously for conspiracy, just "John." This retiree and former businessman, recalled that Hitler came to the funeral dozens of planes and helicopters. Was full of German food and beer. Many visitors were drunk three sheets and a few days bawled German songs …

During the war, Adolf and Eva loved to relax with your favorite dogs at the residence of the Fuhrer "Berghof" in the Bavarian Alps.

Recently, in South America, several "grandchildren" of Hitler and Bormann. All of them — from the German refugees and clearly impostors. Maybe Gerard witnesses — also "grandchildren Corporal Hitler"?

PEDIGREE Fuhrer's been going on?

Hitler rejected the theory of flight, many British scientists. Renowned historian Guy Walters general called it "garbage for two thousand percent." But resentment further fuels the hype.

Particularly heated debate broke out in connection with the assertion that Hitler died of natural causes at 3:00 pm February 13, 1962. By the time he had dementia, but it is still no doubt in winning the Nazis.

— Tell me honestly, do you believe in your theory? — Ask the forehead Gerard Williams.

— Michael, I would not sully his name, if one hundred percent was not convinced escape Hitler. — Neutral winningly sincere.

Besides Gerard promises soon to share with readers of "Komsomolskaya" further evidence of his stunning version. Recently, he again flew to Argentina. Well, wait …

And finally, the biggest sensation. Adolf and Eva had children! Two daughters. One of them was born in late 1941. The lawyer, who designed her divorce case in Argentina, live today.

Daughter initially lived with his father and mother, and then — only with Eva Braun. After her death, they left Neukuen, but remained in South America. And still there.

If this statement is taken seriously, then the Hitler bloodline continues …

Mikhail Ozerov, photos from the state archives of Germany

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