Hockey star Shtsyastny wants to take away the puck at the Lukashenko

Hockey player and politician Peter Shtsyastny actively supports the initiative "seed" Lukashenka has the right to host the World Cup in 2014. Slovak Shtsyastny long time played for the Canadian clubs, his name is entered in the Hockey Hall of Fame of the International Ice Hockey Federation, by the end of the twentieth century it was the second most productive NHL player since Wayne Gretzky. At the end of his hockey career Shtsyastny entered politics, he is now — Member of the European Parliament from Slovakia.
With Petra Shtsyastnym interviewed Elena Tikhanovich.
Shtsyastny: I recall that was first EP resolution, then there was a resolution U.S. senators and congressmen, and then, finally, an open letter to Mr Buzek, President of the European Parliament, which was also signed by European politicians who are related to Belarus — Chairman of the Committee of Human Rights, the chairman of the Committee on International Affairs, Chairman of the Liaison Committee of the EU and Belarus. I was asked to sign the record as noted in the Hall of Fame of the International Ice Hockey Federation. We — the representatives of 108 million citizens of the European Union, the most developed democracies. The fact that these resolutions were adopted, means that there is something very serious "on the doorstep" of the European Union.
Tikhanovich: The three official request. Was the answer and if you are looking at it?
Shtsyastny: Already this Friday will be held in Bratislava Congress of the International Ice Hockey Federation. It usually occurs during the final of the World Championships. Our correspondence I personally handed to Mr René Fasel (Chairman IHF) in Bratislava on Monday, had a meeting with him. He promised that he would respond that otpishet. But to me it is not enough. I would like him to do more to invited delegates to the congress to discuss this entry, let them decide. I think it's important just accurately inform all delegates.
Tikhanovich: And you did not offer to perform there?
ShtsyastnyNo, unfortunately. Delegates to the Congress — is Hockey Federation President of the participating countries. There are no players, hockey players.
Tikhanovich: Do you promised Mr. Fasel that will put your proposal to a vote?
ShtsyastnyNo, just that it was not clear indefinitely. But he promised to respond. His first reaction, as written Slovak media was such that this (transfer) will not work.
Tikhanovich: As you know, the Charter of the International Ice Hockey Federation stipulates that the organization adheres to a strict political, racial and religious neutrality. At that time you were hoping for, as it responded to the argument that the sport has nothing to do with politics, it neutral?
ShtsyastnyYes, it was the topic of my conversations with the leaders of the IHF that sport brings people together and would be a really neutral. No one had anything against the fact that Belarus received the right to host the championship. But what happened after the elections in December 2010, exceeded all limits of tolerance, and then it would be fair this season "seed" and it would be a neutral position. Because otherwise — the championship would help promote anti-democratic regime. We believe that the holding of such events as the World Cup or the Olympics — it's an honor, a privilege, a reward. And we would have had to reward countries that respect human rights, freedom, and not vice versa.

TikhanovichWhere did you get interested in Belarus, as well you know the situation in Belarus?

Shtsyastny: I have been following through the media instsenizavanymi processes that we have experienced in the 50 years that lasted Chehaslavachyne in the 60's, 70's, 80's … This is sad. 600 people brutally beaten, detained, interrogated, tried, some of them are threatened and only a few years in prison for having freely expressed their desire for a fact that in other countries it is normal humdrum. I am sure that the people who know about the realities in Belarus, about how much brutality happened and happens against innocent civilians, would have to be indifferent to it. I think that Lukashenka clicked on at least the opportunity to take away his championship, it would have helped the positive reforms.
Tikhanovich: Does react somehow on the sidelines of the European Parliament on the recent performance of Alexander Lukashenko, he gives high European politicians, in particular the comparison Zhuze Manuel Barroso with a goat?
ShtsyastnyWell, I have not heard about. But I have to admit that Mr Lukashenko here in the European Parliament does not have any fans, and many of my colleagues just express my support for the initiative. Although it is not really my …
Tikhanovich: Did you play hockey with politicians, and how you feel about the enthusiasm of politicians for sports?
Shtsyastny: Did not play with the politicians, but it happened with what rich people. I know that now it has become fashionable, I heard from my friends that have and Vladimir Putin begins to train, take lessons from one of my former colleagues. I know that playing amerykasnki former presidential candidate John Kerry or the Canadian prime minister Stephen Garper and it pleases me as a hockey player, as the growing popularity of hockey.
Tikhanovich: What can you say about the phenomenon of the Belarusian ice hockey, and he made his way into the world elite?
Shtsyastny: I'll tell you the truth, I really, really like Grabowski. Or note Kostitsyn brothers that played in Montreal. Sometimes it is enough to have two or three stars, and around them a good team and they will be able to get through! Belarusians used to have good luck, I remember very well how to beat the Swedes. I'm glad when developing hockey, ice hockey do not want to hurt, but I want all the same or that championship (in Minsk) to move or make Lukashenko to reform. His reforms towards democracy, we are all sick.
Tikhanovich: And if you still carry the championship from Minsk, then where?
Shtsyastny: It's all the same, Congress may decide to announce a contest, and I'll guarantee you that there would be 5, 10 proposals. Because it is not only prestigious, but also economically advantageous. Many of the capital stadiums are ready, do not have to build them: Czechs, Germans or Russian, Scandinavians could easily solve this situation, they will not need this for two, three or five years.

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