Holding Helicopters of the Russian Federation will deliver to customers in 2012, more than 300 helicopters

Holding "Helicopters RF"Plans to increment by 25-30 per cent had their own activities in the current year and put customers more than 300 helicopters. A year ago, in 2011 , the holding company was delivered 262 helicopters, which is 22.4 percent higher than 2010 specifications.

This is korr.ARMS-Tass on International Aviation and Space Salon in Berlin CEO said "Veroletov RF"Dmitry Petrov.
As a result of 2011 , the holding company held 14 percent of the world market and rotary-wing aircraft in the coming future plans once a year to build on this index one percent, with a total D.Petrov.

Commenting on the performance, the company's CEO said that the holding company is able to "achieve goals and make commitments to shareholders, partners and the market." According to him, 2012 city will be provided a promising start for the future "at the expense of saturated research and development work."

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