Holter monitoring

Many patients are faced with a problem: tunic, sore heart, and not for the first time, and on the ECG all clean! Or vice versa — a healthy person, and in a doctor's office got excited — and the picture came out obscure research. "White coat syndrome" — when the patient is under stress when dealing with the doctor — can ruin the most accurate testing. After all, cope with fears and anguish sometimes impossible.

In this case see the whole picture and not lose sight of the disease? The ideal method — Holter monitoring. This method diagnosis came up with an American biophysicist Norman Holter almost 50 years ago. Since then, much has changed: technology has become more accurate, instruments — compact. But the principle remains the same.

Imagine an electrocardiograph, which records your heart cardiogram clock. You do not need to go to the hospital and spend the whole day in a hospital bed. A small device the size of a mobile phone is attached to the patient's belt, and the electrodes are fixed to the body. After that, you can forget about it and do normal things. All this time the device reads the electrocardiogram and transmits information of the heart in a computer. These data will become material for medical research.

To help the cardiologist patient keeps a diary of daily activity, which introduces all the basic information: exercise, medication, and their feelings. Due to these records doctor know the circumstances under which any infringement of the heart, as they are influenced by a variety of drugs, physical activity, stress.

Holter monitoring — One of the best methods for diagnosis of coronary heart disease and cardiac arrhythmias. Also, using Holter monitoring can assess the quality of the treatment.

Holter monitoringA similar method of diagnosis — a system of blood pressure monitoring (ABPM). In this case, the machine looks the same, but instead he electrodes — a cuff, which itself carries out the measurement of blood pressure at a given frequency. This device helps to get unique materials for research — after all indicators are recorded even in my dreams!

Daily monitoring of ECG and blood pressure has been successfully used by doctors of the medical center "Capital-Medikl." The company has — the latest devices of Swiss Schiller. They are easy to use and install them doctor might even at home. This allows a complete diagnosis of the heart and blood vessels, and low mobile elderly patients. And if necessary doctors' Capital-Medikl "carry out a full inspection of catering, including normal electrocardiogram at home, interpretation of the results and treatment advice.


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