Homs, the last stronghold of the Syrian opposition: a report of Channel

New reports of deaths in Syria, where a year did not stop anti-government protests. 31 people died on March 9 as a result of shelling by tanks and mortars, and the best part — in Homs. It is the citadel of the opposition and the real battleground between the standing army and opponents of President Assad. City lies in ruins, but they do not leave the residents who have nowhere to go. What it is — to live in war, the reporter saw the first channel to which only one of the Russian journalists these days are able to get to Homs.

Other people here do not drive. First, that is on the mind upon arrival in Homs, completely empty roads and streets. At every intersection — army checkpoints in the town still restless. A tiny hole in the wall — a sniper position. From there, the whole street and intersection were both her hands, and realize where the shooter was acting, it was unreal. The building's own staff fighters defended particularly carefully. The fighting in this part of town is the longest and languid. The whole neighborhood looks like after an earthquake or tsunami.

The most terrible and has already become the talk of the town district of the town of Homs — Baba Amr. Now he does not produce the best memory. Strshnoe sight: there destroyed not just individual homes and entire neighborhoods and streets. The military said that at the time of Baba Amr stripped from the bandits, here relatively quiet. Local residents who have returned, for now rake the rubble in hopes of rescuing those that have survived.

Confectionery Abdel Things to combat it among the best in the area. Now this place is not even find out constant buyers. Around the ruins. "When people come back, everything will be fine as long as all here not to sweet "- says Abdel-Hamid Affairs.

Vorachivatsya many just nowhere to go. Saleh family through the rubble and debris — try to get into their own home. They did not find out his apartment: there are all completely burnt out. And from a grenade thrown by bandits partly collapsed ceiling and wall. "Our kids — a boy and devchenka — survived the case at the last minute ran away from home. Bandits burned it simply because there hung photos of President Assad," — says a pair of home.
Assad then supported not everything, but not everyone is ready to fight with the government in this way. 2-Amin Brothers Alkura bandits killed specifically for this — they did not join the armed groups. A father, Syrian army colonel, who declined to wage war against the country, the militants took away by force.
Kalashnikov rifle then use both sides, but the rest is arming rebels in the military real enthusiasm. The answer to the question of who and what is waging war against the Syrian army, on the surface. This is either Turkish or Israeli sleeves, they say they are.

Similarly, urging the military, they had no reason to shoot from grenade launchers to their homes of peaceful inhabitants. This one rocket struck the bedroom wall, and are not broken and stuck in the ceiling in the hallway. At the site of their new home is now in ruins.

Soldiers of the expected probability of an attack at any moment. Leaving city, gunmen left a lot of information about themselves on the information about the wall of Staff. Judging by the "combat leaflets," retreated or surrendered to come. Many believe the military, just hiding for a while. If you believe the inscriptions, gunmen in Homs were several thousand. And most of them expect to come back and continue the fight. In recent times.

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