Hour of reckoning is near (Poll)

Hour of reckoning is near (Poll)
Payback comes in this world forever. There are two general prosecutor: one — the one who is at your door and punishes offenses against society, the other — nature itself. She knows all the evils escape the law.
D. Diderot
Available funds can not be punished.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Nedavneshnee credit rating downgrade of the United States by the analytic agency «S & P» forcing the whole world to think about the upcoming development of macroeconomics. If yet only recently planetka was sure that "big brother" unsinkable and it will be for a fee to get out of at least some whirlpool, now there is less of optimists. Not yet had time to calm down the row with a flirty South American reluctance of Congress to raise the debt ceiling miserable, and already rolled brand new wave. This can damage the typhoon as the myth of endless economic dominance of South American hegemony, and the very foundations of modern monetary system. Globalization and the mutual debts led the world to the fact that the countries which is considered to be major players in the economic field, have become unsafe to depend on each other. Colossal debt The United States, which grows every second and is already more than 14.5 trillion. "Green", leads to the fact that many are trying to deduce the structure of monetary economic means of so unreliable currency and attached to her actions.

Everyone recognizes that South American citizens have long been living beyond their means. If you try to evaluate the U.S. credit market since the beginning of the last crisis, it is fundamentally nothing has changed. Banks gave out as nothing guaranteed loans population, and continue to give them, relying on the "reasonableness" of Ben Bernanke. This man, who from 2006 is the chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, August 26, 2011 can lift your spirits indebted worldwide compatriots that deliver a brand new round of start-up of the printing press. If Bernanke will move the printing press, the so-called "empty" means re-fill the drying up of the river of the American economy. But they will fill it, if continue to follow this analogy, not the life-giving moisture, and some of the substrate, which, though in itself for themselves and nasty, but lets keep this to crumble hulk afloat.

It should be noted that a few weeks back from Mr. Bernanke expected something like a revolutionary action to spearhead the monetary system. The revolution could be to first implement a new round of quantitative system stimulation (QE3). Later analysts have decided that such a responsibility, as the decision to jump to a clearance between a contracting with 2 economic iceberg, the captain of the Stars and Stripes of the economy Bernanke himself will not take. But this could be a real way "to a clean smooth surface." The risk would be, of course, justified, and economy would have received a real boost. But it did not work out. That floats money "Titanic" in the muddy puddle, and it throws a new furnace and new written notes that turn only in dark smoke over the pipe.

What do all the same in such a situation to residents of other states? The fact is that as long as everything is so tightly clung to the South American ship that solve some self-help measures just silly. The fact is that even gaining tremendous momentum of development of China, owning an impressive economy can not yet do without the South American dollar. This threatens the Middle Kingdom that, beginning to sink, South American financial system drags and Chinese. The Chinese are already currently have debt securities of the United States of more than a trillion dollars!

Incidentally, the other countries are not in the best criteria. Thus, the municipal debts Land of the Rising Sun have already crossed the 11 trillion dollars, and besides, the U.S. debt to Japanese nationals "hung" is almost a trillion. Our homeland is also hooked on the needle, and the South American must now be the least concerned about the situation of the markets in the U.S..

If read about the likely retribution for poor U.S. economic policy over the last several years, it could be a "technical" default, and the default is completely real. Even if China again without fear of reducing its own temporary solvency displays the accumulated funds of the U.S. currency, it will provoke a real storm in the U.S. economy. At the moment, the whole world is in a situation where people have to work on the 1st owner, even if he treats everyone with contempt, while pounding, but nourishes … But one never knows, and these people zahochut real freedom and deliverance from the chains of their own . To do this, one has only to end up together nourish inflate immense debts South American economy.

Likely is another option: on the background of the growing national debt ceiling increase significantly in inflation in the U.S., and has rare otvazhutsya investors to invest in such market their assets.

In general, if the decisions on new measures of monetary stimulus South American space, in printing worthless "empty" bucks taken will not be, economy USA reincarnated in the remains.

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