How to become a mermaid — a spell

All who tells you that mermaids do not exist, you, baby, do not want to believe it! After all, you really have not seen the world and believe in magic I do not want you to persuade or to say that mermaids do exist, but as a child and I believe in miracles! Then showed the TV series "Charmed" and I secretly hoped that I have a hidden gift! Those who believe in Santa Claus, witches, mermaids — BELIEVE, do you want to dream about it! Become older — you learn! To help you get bored, I can write a ritual, but do not worry if something does not work, perhaps not everyone can be a mythical creature! After all, if we all were associated with the supernatural, then the world would be left quite ordinary people! So, if you want to be a mermaid baby, it's a long process just does not work, but everything is possible!

And so, to become a mermaid, try this: On Sunday, in the evening (from about 18:00 to 24:00, preferably at bedtime) put a bowl of water, lightly salted (a pinch of salt), and say three times that spell " Goldfish, clean water, a little mermaid destined to be with me the night before the morning! " 3 minutes later tell the same spell again, only this time louder and adding strength and emotion, presenting himself little mermaid! then again three minutes later repeat it, it turns out three times as you cast a spell every 3 minutes. This vodichku put on the windowsill near the battery! On the following morning which was the look with water. If the water freezes — you can control the ice when the water abated — be able to manage the other elements, as if everything was — the unknown, then you need to try next: Sunday ever go to bed at 10 pm and before going to bed to whisper the words: "Who in the evening go to bed, to dream of the little mermaid! " Repeat this for as long as you lie down, and if a miracle happened and you had a dream about the little mermaid, that in fact it was not a dream, it was the truth — it is the Goddess of Water gave you the night you to see miracles!
And another way: when bathing in the bathroom, repeat: Water, water, I'm your slave! Water, water, without me you anywhere! Water, water give me miracles! "Repeat 9 times! Then at night before going to sleep you think about what you want to be a mermaid, the underwater world of mermaids — your girlfriends!, And when you sleep your soul will move to the little mermaid, and when you wake you again man!, and thus you and the person you can be a mermaid!

Look do not get confused and do everything right, because if you make a mistake, everyone will have to repeat in order to achieve a successful outcome! can you spell everything on a piece of paper to write that it was easier to see the leaflet do not lose! Good luck, little printsessochka, be good and happy!

PS do not deprive children of hope and faith in a miracle, let them be happy and believe in dreams even while small, try to make the world better and brighter!

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