How to get into cyberspace?

February 1, 2012 12:52

It is believed that human history was the five information revolutions. The first revolution is associated with the appearance of a man the second system, that is, speech, the second revolution — is the emergence of writing, the third information revolution — the printing press, the fourth — the invention of the radio, and, finally, the fifth information revolution is to create a computer.

It is true today, many experts tend to give off a sixth information revolution — the emergence of the mobile phone, which is now due to android applications and games has become not just a means of communication but also a device to attract people in the so-called cyberspace.

What is cyberspace, and in which the main principles it is based? Scientists say that cyberspace has always existed. Today we are talking about it only because the person has reached a stage in its development, which can understand the main criteria of this world.

Cyberspace can be defined as the set of information fields that transform reality. For a better understanding can be an example, a person who looked in the morning news broadcast for a period of time, becomes a guest of cyberspace. His consciousness is removed from the surrounding reality and moved to a place that has just been described in the news reports. Speaking of such facilities are part of cyberspace as a mobile phone or a computer, everything is easier.

A person can register in social networks, chat conversations with people he does not know is, to share both objective and subjective information. Such activities allow him to believe at some point that this is cyberspace and the real world, everything that is outside the window — just fiction.

Ability to enter into cyberspace today is for each person. However, not everyone can find the strength to leave this cyberspace when the situation requires.

In a fairly large number of people craving to cyberspace is so strong that others it may be perceived as a disease. In this regard, modern medicine stands out activity as research and therapy are people who depend on cyberspace: gamers, gamers, social networkers (people dependent on social networks).

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