How to learn to see the aura

December 2, 2011 15:30

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If you really want to see and understand the aura, I suggest that you read a couple of books on color therapy.

Military train some of its special forces to see the aura, because then, by looking at someone, they know exactly what they think and feel — obviously, the military is very profitable. A special teaching technique I'm going to give you.

Take the colored construction paper and a large piece of white paper, about the size of 60 cm to 1 meter. You will see a view of the phenomenon, which has nothing to do with the aura, but with this technique, you can learn to see the human aura.
Put a white paper on the floor under the lamp with dimmer. In the middle, place a piece of red construction paper. Now fix your eyes on the middle of colored paper and do not blink. Wait 30 seconds. Continuing to look at the red leaf, quickly remove it and look at the same spot on a white sheet. Fraction of a second you will see an additional color to the color that look before. If you had a red color, you will see green. Afterimage is always different from the original color, but the shape of the same.
The resulting Afterimage, luminous, transparent, will look like floating. If you spend an experiment on four, five sheets of paper in a row, it will take only a few rumpled, by the end of the experience you will have a certain sensitivity to the vision of this type of color images — luminous, transparent and floating in space. These paints are very similar to the auric field, except for the fact that they are more advanced, since few people have clean and clear auric colors.
For the next stage of training you need to partner, it is desirable that you were both in white. This is the easiest way to see color. Of course, the clothes will not drown out the aura, but its color may impede or facilitate the vision of the aura. Put your partner at a white wall, take the lamp with a dimmer, switch it to full power and light partner. Now, take a sheet of colored paper, and let your partner keeps it at 2.5 cm from his face under his nose. Pull back and look at the color, as you did before, secure view of this sheet, count to 30, and ask your partner to get him. You will see an additional color, floating in space in front of a partner. Alternating sheets of colored paper, you get used to the colors "Afterimage" around a partner, and your mind to adjust to the idea.
Then you can put colored paper for the head or shoulder, at a distance of 30-60 cm from the partner. Do this four or five times, until you get used to see colors, floating around his body. Now remove the colored paper and keep looking for a partner, at the same time very, very slowly subtracting lamp brightness. You will come to the magical moment when the human body becomes quite dark — and then, boom! — All colors suddenly break out and see the aura. All entirely. You will know that this is the real color of the aura, and not additional, you've seen before, because you will be presented a lot of changing colors. What a man thinks and feels, is projected in his aura. Usually, the colors around the head and shoulders reflect the thoughts. The colors around the chest and body, covering his back, mainly relate to the feelings and emotions of man, although sometimes there is some overlap of colors.
In addition to the fact that the aura shows the thoughts and feelings of a person, there is a third possibility. Sometimes found in the aura of a physical problem of the body. If you have pain, it is very often seen color spot in your aura. The colors emitted by your thoughts, will glow and change, following a train of thought, and colors that reflect the emotions usually tend to float or move. Relating to diseases colors will be fixed, and, as a rule, have corners or form, and the form will not change. During the movement of the body color spots are fixed at a certain place. Sometimes the disease can not be seen, because the glow associated with it, is entirely within the body and does not appear from the outside. But this happens very rarely.
The Institute of Human Dimensions is a physician who conducts a course of diagnosis of human disease by reading his aura. Long ago, he discovered that by learning to read an aura, you can just look at the person and see all committed in his aura forms. You immediately realize that this man is not. You do not need an MRI image, or the results of other surveys. Just look at the aura, and you make an accurate diagnosis. Most people can do it, and the doctor said it teaches. All people have the ability to see the aura, if they do not have any serious physical or emotional problems.

Here's how to determine these fields are real or not. Ask the group to think of people, such as your car. (Almost everyone can be of different kinds of mixed feelings about the car.) And you will immediately see what changes auric colors around the head, while they think. Then you can say, "Think about someone you do not like." Perhaps you will see a muddy red color, the color of anger, because usually we get angry when you do not like someone. This glow will appear around the head and shoulders, maybe even around the body to the bottom. Then say, "Think about someone you really love. Sign into this state. Select a loved one and think about it. " In this case, usually seen pink tone coming out of the chest, and a gold or white glow from the top of the head. If you ask people to think about spiritual things and God, you will see a lot of gold and purple. Colours change at a time when people start thinking about something else. That's how you can make sure that the aura is real.

Once you have the ability to see an aura, you can toggle it on their own. I do it all the time off, but when anyone asks, I'll bring it into effect. It's like a stereo, if you want you can look at the paper in the usual way, and you can focus and gently ascend to another level.

Based on the book Drunvalo "Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life."

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