How to recognize a love spell?

January 29, 2012 20:43

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Do you think that was the victim of a love spell? Test yourself on five key attributes.
More recently, you did not pay any attention to this person. Maybe not even aware of its existence. And now, suddenly, he dreams of you at night, and a burning desire to be with him choke the voice of reason.

It may be that the consequences of love spell — one of the very common means of black magic. Before going to the procedure for its removal, make sure that it really happened. Ask yourself a few questions.

Arose whether you have sexual desire to the man whom you did not take a long time as a possible sexual object? Whether it increases when the person is not there?

Have the other people, after years as sexual objects for you, now sexually unattractive? Disappeared Do you have interest to the person whom you yesterday considered a sex symbol?

Do you think the new person more than about any other person?

Finally, change is your character? Have you become, in the opinion of others, more irritable, aggressive and emotional? Are there any you have bad habits?

If all of these questions you answered positively, the more likely are the consequences of love spell. And you should go to a professional to perform the ritual to remove it.

Alex Muzychuk

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