How will the vote under crossed cross?

Society Of course, I hear a clear and malicious "gee-gee-gee."

Yes, and I silently laugh "gee-gee-gee" on this, he wrote, though I choose — not between Lukashenko and the only democratic, but only between Bronislaw Komorowski and Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

"It is every vote"

Yesterday, I told my wife that apparently did not go to the polls, as Komorowski and Kaczynski — people of the past epoch, and Poland to the president deserves a more modernist style worldviews than these two. I'm sick of these senile, so to speak.

— It is considered one voice. If you do not go and vote for Komorowski, I'm with you razvyadusya — said my wife. And, seeing that I do not really realize what it really means to this argument, payasnila: — Cooking is going myself. And iron a shirt too.

This decided.

From family Maksimyuk in Prague Komorowski will receive a maximum four votes. Except for me and the wife, still voted for him two of our minor son. Junior lives with us, and the fate of his stomach depends on the pot itself as my (admittedly, shirts he strokes himself.) The senior came to us on a vacation in Denmark, and his wife immediately registered at the Polish Embassy in Prague to a vote on July 4.

When I called before the first round of the presidential elections in Bialystok mom, she asked me too, I will go to the polls and for whom I will vote. I told her that of all the candidates I most consistent 35-year-old Social Democrat Grzegorz Napyaralski, but it is, in fact, post-communists, and yet I can not vote against their own genetic code, in which she and the father have given me a combination of anti- nitrogenous bases dezaksyrybanukleinavay acid. Therefore, I concluded, I have no desire to go to the polls.

— For Napyaralskaga makes no sense to vote, he would win. It spent a voice — my mother explained to me. — Go and vote for Komorowski. It is considered one voice. After all, as Kaczynski wins, then you know what will …

I did not specify my mother, what will happen if he wins Kaczynski. She was 78 years old, but she was still afraid of winning Kaczynski. So that sayss me — I lived only 52.

What else?

If someone does not understand, he Transcript: Belostoksky Belarusians will vote almost exclusively for Komorowski. It's like a national genetic code — everything we automatically know for whom we have to vote, and for whom is not necessary. Which the president, so to speak, we can live with, but with some — not so. And no matter what their economic programs and how much they promise khalyavnykh porridge people after the election. It is important how they look at us, uncut schismatics, so to speak …

We could be a "good Poles"

Yesterday Jaroslaw Kaczynski appeared on the electoral rally in Bialystok. In Bialystok in the first round, he clearly won Komorowski. There's a strong Catholic electorate, and he always votes for the "strong Catholics." No liberal, not to mention the post-communists, has no chance of winning in the district of Bialystok — except gaynovskogo County, a predominantly Orthodox Belarusian population, which always votes differently than the rest of Bialystok. And the Lithuanians in one commune in northern province, although Catholics, often vote as Orthodox Belarusians. On once was like — in the commune Punsk where Lithuanians dominate the Poles won Komorowski.

Kaczynski at the meeting mentioned Bialystok and us sinners:

"It is home to Roman Catholics, Orthodox, and even the Tartars. Yeah synagogue can be found here. Podlasie — a region that shows that good Poles can be as a simple cross, and under this crossed. "

I do not know who he suggested this wording, but it was a terrible puncture. My wife, when she heard about the "good Poles crossed under the cross," initially wanted to throw the remote control at the TV, but at the last moment changed her mind and instead sent me a destroying sight with a silent message of: "And you do not want to vote for Komorowski!"

Church said

On Bialystok by the Orthodox voices came and Komorowski. It was in May, at the Festival of Sacred Music in Hajnowka. Komorowski was at the festival with a social democrat Napyaralskim.

"Here — small Europe. Cultural diversity, the legacy of a centuries-old history of Poland. Coexistence in joy and in sorrow," — said Komorowski in Hajnowka. And he remembered the Orthodox spiritual father, the Colonel, who was executed by the Soviets in 1940 in Katyn, whose three sons also died fighting for Poland against the Germans.

Feel the difference as the saying goes.

"We need to value our diverse heritage," — said in Hajnowka and Napyaralski.

But Metropolitan Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Archbishop Sawa, then brought clarity to the matter of how to vote Orthodox:

"We want God to bless you in every start," — the Metropolitan said, referring to the gathering of journalists' microphones to Bronislaw Komorowski.


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