Hrononavty — time travelers

April 7, 2012 15:59

Hrononavty — time travelers, instances of time travel not so rare, who are hrononavty.

John Salliman

In England in 2001. wrote about the "time traveler" John Sallimane, who spoke about his visit to the court of Louis XIV, Mary Stuart, and led to the evidence.

In modern London Salliman John came to warn about the military and terrorist threat hanging over humanity. John Salliman argued that in any case, one must not be aggressive and to the idea of world domination — or be a disaster.

John Salliman disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared, leaving a few trinkets allegedly 500 years ago for historians and the curious. Later, there were reports in the press that the headscarf, brass cufflinks, key to the iron door and a piece of parchment with a list of some of the court ladies were late forgery, "John tried to circle all around her finger." Even there were rumors that a similar man found in one of the psychiatric hospitals near London, others claimed that John was an actor, to play the audience … But suddenly a strange word "Hrononavta" began to come true. Princess Diana died. The war began, which warned.

Andrew Karlsson

During securities trading on Wall Street, the 01/28/2003 U.S. federal investigators have arrested one of the players on suspicion of fraud. 44-year-old Andrew Karlsson, explained his fantastic success in the stock market in that it came from 2256.

Time traveler just knew exactly how to play to break a big jackpot.

With an initial capital of $ 800 Andrew Karlsson two weeks was able to earn 350 million dollars.

Each transaction generates income due to unforeseen circumstances in the business, which can be pure luck with a probability of about one billionth of a percent, when Andrew Karlsson made 126 quite risky transactions and still come out a winner every time, all the attention immediately focused on this, Andrew. "

"I came back to you from the future 200 years ago — told the suspect. — In my time, it is known that in 2002-2003 there was one of the biggest stock market crash in history. I decided to use this knowledge and get lucky. It was too big a temptation. Perhaps I was greedy and acted too cautiously … But this — my only fault. "

Andrew, Carlsson did not believe, and taken to the police station a few days later, finding a dangerous man, he was transferred to the prison, which is now known Andrew Karlsson.

All told, Andrew can be a simple lie cheater, but that's up to 2002., Any records or other information about a man named Andrew Karlsson found.

Plane through time

In 1961. U.S. pilot drove his plane over the state of Ohio. The weather was nasty, the plane and then dived into the clouds, in the gaps between the sun was the eye.

That is why, the pilot did not notice right in front of the other plane. Laying a desperate turn, the pilot miraculously managed to avoid a collision, but the tip of the wing is still struck by another car board.

After landing, the pilot filed a report of the incident, in which the lines were very surprised the airfield administration. The pilot stated that he almost collided with him aircraft during World War II: "It was a single biplane, covered with cloth, with the characteristic stretching between the wings. But in an open cockpit pilot sat in a leather helmet and big glasses, cans. "

After reading the report, airport authorities came to the conclusion that a copy of the old aircraft was manufactured for the filming of some of the historical film, and the incident was safely forgotten. A few months later, in an old, abandoned shed under a pile of hay was found biplane, just like the one described in the report that the American pilot, the experts found that it can not fly — so it decayed.
All explained logbook found in the cockpit. It was an entry dated 1911. Pilot said that in the last flight nearly collided with a "big silver airplane amazing design," which struck the board with the tip of the wing. Biplane on board experts did find a scratch, which remained microparticles paint aluminum, is identical with the materials of modern aircraft.

In late 1996, the UK defense spotted a strange aircraft approaching from the Pas-de-Calais (Strait of Dover) to the English coast at low altitude. Requests the aircraft did not respond, then the radar lost him. Found a day later the plane in a field near the house of some of Martha Crawford. "Madam, for God's sake, where am I?" — Asked the pilot landed. March said that, in England, and introduced himself. Pilot slipped on the grass, the pilot was very pale, he was shaking. Miss Crawford brought him home and put him, and then called the doctor.

Pilot acted as a strong delirium: haltingly told me about a dogfight with Nazi aces, asked to join him on the phone with the commander of the regiment.

It seemed that the plane was badly damaged: bullets in several places struck the fuselage. Experts British air base due to the scene quickly found that they face a fighter F-40 "Curtiss" was in service with the Americans during the Second World War.

The pilot, regaining consciousness said that his name was John Walker, U.S. Air Force Lieutenant 09.04.1944g. to cover the squadron escorted bombers flying bomb captured German Belgium, Germany, three aircraft and fired his shot down, the pilot was about to katapultirovatsya when suddenly the plane landed in England, and later the pilot declared insane and locked up in a mental hospital, access to the pilot is prohibited.

Journalists check the information the pilot discovered that John Walker really was part of the 123 Squadron in 1944. and a replica of his picture pilot called crazy.

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