Hu of Mr. McFaul

"Goes! Goes "- satisfied with clicks and welcome with bread and salt should be met Russian people, according to virtually adopted the South American view, the new United States ambassador in Russia Michael McFaul sovereign. Still, Americans think, because we have for you — Russian — practically giving away the most precious thing after Barack and Hillary — the brain and, as is typical, the particular supporter of Russian democracy, so he promoted freedom and democracy in this barbarous country.

Even at the end of May this year there — the ocean — have decided exactly what McFaul worthy of such a difficult and even unsafe work as a chair seat in the embassy in Moscow — the capital of the most anti-democratic (after Iran and North Korea, of course) around the world. And after all approvals Michael McFaul is packing his bags and waits for commands from the previously prepared with the words «Alea jacta est!» («The die is cast!").

So who is this Mr. McFaul itself, and what are the plans for it, so to speak, the first five years. It must be recognized that the biography of Michael McFaul tightly woven with the words "Soviet" and "Russian". Specifically, with the words, because the new salting has on our country, as it should mean the Yankees, only the deep-rooted concept only as a cyclopean places that spread in Eurasia with a single purpose — to sow the seeds of totalitarianism and stifle democratic country.

Born This lifeguard democratic foundations in 1963 and received the institute's education as an expert on international relations and Slavic languages. As you can see, the young Michael has trained from a young age in itself the most difficult feelings to the "global aggressor" — "Evil Empire." The first time the emperor McFaul appeared in our country in 1983 — at the most, I must say, the heyday of the board of the authority that made nervous shudder all the people on the other side of the steel curtain. Michael arrived in the city-hero of Leningrad and, as he says, to realize all of the existing system in the Russian Union. Since that time, the emperor McFaul baptized Protestant confident with his hand, hearing the word "communist" and "Soviet".

Next doposolskaya biography of Mr. McFaul led him next to the democratic trends in Poland and Czechoslovakia. Painfully reflected in his heart all the actions that have tried to promote deliverance "freedom" of the peoples of Europe from the "serious Russian shackles." Curve democratic activity reduces future ambassador with fellow anti-Soviet. Then these distinguished gentlemen, among whom was Gavriil Popov, have become quite large bureaucracies in the modern of — such, as it did those who stood behind the young Michael McFaul.

After 1991, everything was going his usual — the USSR and whole socialist bloc collapsed, broke out one after the conflicts in the Caucasus, the Balkans, Central Asia and Transnistria. Russia was torn by ethnic strife. A sovereign McFaul sat a while in the chair Moscow representative of the State Institute for Democracy and realized that the case, started by the CIA still a good 30 years back, embodied the same in life, and to live means to be Russian people in a thriving democracy. From its windows were seen queuing for bread, rallies, which gleamed the Stars and Stripes, fights for liverwurst on cards or coupons. And it warmed the soul of Michael McFaul, because his awareness specifically the way it should be born a bright democratic future.

But time passed, and Russian people gradually began to realize that if further such benefactors as McFaul's supporters will try to steer the state, that we do not have is not something that a democratic future, but in general no …

Dark lightning ran through the heart the Michael McFaul the news that from 2000, the main Russian chair sits a man which many years conducted activities aimed at fighting the enemy outside, in other words, with the likes of McFaul. On the news of the coming of Ambassador made constant remembrance. He had not been able to understand why it is people of the Russian Federation has decided to abandon the only right course for unquestioning submission to the will of the most democratic country in the world and once again chose a zig-zag path of development. At this time, numerous South American business, which enjoyed piled in 10 years by means of pumping raw materials, figured it was time to wind up their rods. Someone had looped, someone has not had …

Then Slavophil McFaul sat down again for the Desktop and ardent anti-Putin began writing articles to undermine unacceptable to the United States system. With all of this, Michael McFaul did not listen to the countless cries of representatives of the American authorities to "break all the cases," "Enter the embargo," and so on. McFaul also decided to go their own method and announced that we should not shoot from the hip, and need to get it from his pocket an old good double standards. According to him, it is necessary to work directly with the Russian authorities and Russian society. With all of this under the Russian society of the future salting aware, of course, all those for whom such a concept is not acceptable as a powerful-independent and our homeland. In other words, McFaul called, smiling to the Kremlin, to finance various "democratic" (read — pro-American) organizations in Russia.

Year 2008 came the first, and McFaul, like most of the "understanding" the Yankees, with animation took the news that Putin leaves, freeing the other person. This other person here decided to try to "Russian-American friendship", offering almost immediately Georgian anger in South Ossetia and the reddish "reset" button. Say, renounce an old Putin regime, and will be your happiness. By the way, the ideological inspirer offers reboot — specifically sovereign McFaul. But apparently, in the West still do not fully understand that Putin, like to put it mildly, not fully gone. Our homeland reacted aggressively to build a missile defense system under his nose, the Georgian favorite chewing his tie, the Baltic states nervously sezhivali after forcing Georgia to peace, opposition movements somehow very much zeal broken up by riot police throughout the Russian Federation. In general, something in the reboot did not work out and, of course, as decided themselves McFaul, only the fault of the Russian. Fishing season McFaul blamed the sins of all the anti-democratic, and maybe even throw in his portrait on the wall at eye out darts. But hope for the second time Medvedev he still had to try again to offer their own "horse course". But in 2011, that hope turned into smoke …

Apparently, at the moment when we have a large study, it was decided a brand new presidency of Vladimir Putin, McFaul and began to offer at the embassy. Once he allegedly knew about this country very much, let him and "rake".

In other words McFaul got their hands on those maps, game modes in which he nurtured and described his entire adult life. Now he does not hide the fact that arrives in Russia, to turn her back on track "democratic" development. Putin calls McFaul favorite paranoid and willing to do anything for the leveling of the future role of the President of the Russian Federation in the community. What are the ways that will be used for the American side? Yes ways to still have the same game at the state and religious emotions, new trials undermine the Caucasus, to gather like-minded company and declare them politically persecuted individuals, to show other countries
the harmfulness of the Russian regime, again frighten Russia and the Baltic states Georgians not to be realized affiliate programs when necessary. All this is called — to make a bad image of the Russian authorities as inside the country and abroad. Yes, but all we've been through. Well, then, welcome, Mr. McFaul …

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