Hunting for Russian spies


Three Questions

Various Western publications are trying to figure out the three main questions that the US-Russian spy scandal: How detrimental to the security of the United States was the work of the network of agents? Why the arrest occurred now, just a few days after his meeting with Barack Obama, Dmitry Medvedev, in which they confirmed the same course on the "reset" of US-Russian relations? How deep is the infiltration of the U.S. agents of the FSB?

As John le Carre

On the internet walking shots of one of the arrested Americans Russian agentak known as Anna Chapman, on which it is listed at a rather glamorous poses. One of the pictures found on the Russian site "Classmates", identifies the alleged Russian spy as a teenager in a Pioneer tie next to two friends.

"This is the scene that if taken alive from the books of John Le Carre or spyware movie" Rocky and Bulvinkl. "In a network of alleged Russian spies include couples from the suburbs of New York," agnevalosaya "razvyadenka (according to the New York Post) i feletanist a Spanish-speaking newspaper. They passed messages, exchanging identical bags at railway stations or writing their "invisible ink," which supposedly available and any teenager "- ironically the Wall Street Journal.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has sounded one of the encrypted message of which the FSB Russia forwarded to one of the scouts in February 2009a. According to this clear message, the purpose of the agent was a "find and maintain communications in the circles of political decision-makers in the U.S." and send the extracted information to Moscow.

"Reloaded" spies?

But the Wall Street Journal at the same time warned that this seemingly smeshnavaty spy scandal hides a grim reality that Russia has no intention of seriously "reboot" in relations with the United States:

"We can and we must seek good relations with Russia. But if Mr. Obama invites (Medvedev) to lunch with chyzburgerami, the people who actually run the Kremlin, then consider the U.S. a serious contender in the struggle for power and influence, and the kidnapping of U.S. secrets — Putin's conventional methods. "

A lot nashpienili?

As far as harmful to the United States was the work of the network of Russian agents? Foreign Policy points out that those arrested (10 people detained in the U.S. and one in Cyprus) were not accused of espionage under, and "in cahoots for acting as agents of a foreign state" and of money laundering. This is a significant difference in qualifying seriousness of the crime — for espionage in the United States even punished by life imprisonment or death, during which the maximum punishment for acting as a foreign agent — 5 years' imprisonment, and for money laundering — 20 years in prison.

According to Foreign Policy, arrested — under FBI surveillance in seven years — and have not found anything really secret, which can be would qualify as espionage. Is that the publication adds, additional facts emerge during the investigation, and then charge can be retrain.

Slow down the acceleration?

The Washington Times quotes the opinion of some Russian analysts who argue that the arrest of the alleged Russian agents may disrupt or interfere with the ratification by the U.S. Senate the recent US-Russian treaty on reducing strategic offensive arms.

Before the turn of the spy scandal and warns Financial Times:

"The recent" reset "bilateral relations gave remarkably constructive tone … It resulted in an agreement on strategic offensive arms of Russia and support sanctions against Iran … In addition recovered Russian relations with the countries of Central Europe and even a thaw in the strained relations between Russia and Britain. It would be a pity if this positive acceleration lost power. "

Putin's nemesis?

How many Russian agents can operate in the U.S.? Former Soviet KGB agent Oleg Gordievsky which is now lives in the UK, said RL that their number is estimated at 460 400 of them are of Russian diplomatic and trade missions in the United States, and about 60 — are agents who conspired among the American public.

The British Guardian estimates that the number of Russian spies operating out of diplomatic and trade missions in the UK is 30 people.

According to Guardian, Putin decided to restore the once mighty Soviet spy network in the West in response to western intelligence infiltration of Russia in the 1990s, when, according to the newspaper, "everything in Russia was not screwed on, could buy and take to the West. "


The first alleged Russian agent Anna Chapman

Second, Kim Philby, the higher the rank of a Soviet spy in the West

Third Oldrych Ames, Soviet and Russian spy for the CIA. In 1994, convicted cha life sentence

Fourth Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB agent and FSB, then a dissident and critic of Russian authorities. He died as a result of poisoning by radioactive polonium-210

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