Hypnotist Alexander Stockings: I can make any superhuman




Alexander did CHulkov correspondent "KP" — Eagle "Eugene Zakhavayeva-man" magnet. "

CHulkov Alexander was born and raised in Eagle. After high school, he entered the Moscow State University psihfak.

— When I graduated from university, a friend suggested that I become a magician, — says Alexander. — I was able to enter the trust of the people, so it was easy to get re.

Having worked in the entertainment business for several years, stockings have learned hypnosis and began to cultivate this ability.

— It was a time Kashpirovsky and Chumakov — continues Alexander. — Television screens filled charlatans. It infuriated me! They asserted that all diseases can be cured by acting on some bio and aura. But they do not exist in nature!

And stockings set about trying to prove to people that what they see on television — just hype.

— Scientists argue that the body of every person there is a system of self-healing. This means that the authorities themselves are able to produce useful products to fight diseases. To enable this process, the patient should strongly believe in their healing. Then I had an idea: what if you enter a patient into hypnosis and get him to manage this process? The principle of my method is simple. It is based on a conventional faith. In God, in God and in their abilities — not important.

Alexander realized that by talking with the person about his sores can be a way to understand and treat them.

— I tried out his theory in Tyumen — said stockings. — He collected people who complained of feeling unwell, remembered the symptoms of each and brought them into hypnosis. I was sick with bronchitis inspired that I stick to them medicine sick runny nose — that warm up your nose, and then observed the effect. The results do not have to wait long. The system functioned smoothly: people recovering faster than from the actual injections, pills and procedures.

Stockings so engrossed revelations that he had decided to reveal the secrets of all supermen: yoga, Shaolin monks, people, "magnets".

— Many yoga amaze people with its "unique" ability to walk on broken glass, — says the stockings. — But this is absolutely secure employment! When we split a bottle of glass lie horizontally and do not cut their feet. In addition, they are almost flat, and the sharp edges do not stick out in all directions. The main thing — to put the glass in one layer and when the screed shards on the floor, throw the bottle bottom. It's the same with people, "magnets". You just need to know the force of friction.

— If you rehearse in front of a mirror — says CHulkov — then any Orlovec will become "superman"!

Eugene Proskuryakov.

Photo by the author.


Alexander V. CHULKOV

Age — 34.
Marital status — married.
Two higher education: legal and psychological.
Experience: 16 years in show business (hypnosis, mass psychotherapy, illusion show).

Proskuryakov Eugene November 26, 2004

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