I wanted to see the tears of Cristiano Ronaldo


Watch the match Spain — Portugal I was going home, but my friend showed up the day before, the Spaniard Pepe, who have six months living and working between Minsk and Borisov. Pepe — this is the name of one of the coaches of FC BATE Borisov of Belarus — has offered to watch the game together. We were joined by several friends and acquaintances. All of the company led by Pepe worried about Spain.

David Villa happy that his only and winning goal against Portugal.

Pepe"Spain! Spain Lives! "

Browse the Spanish coach, who works in Belarus, not pumped up and overpowered Portugal, which, along with its famous leader Cristiano Ronaldo was clearly weaker. The only goal of the match was scored by striker newfound "Barcelona" David Villa.

Here's what he said after the final whistle Pepe:

"Long live Spain! In fact, we controlled the game, imposed our style, but it was a terrible game. Nevertheless, we won 1-0, and Cristiano is going home! In the national team now good form. All fought to the death, and now — we in the quarterfinals. "

Spaniards celebrate victories and cheerleader Julia:

"I'm rooting for Spain because I can not stand against Portugal and I hate Cristiano Ronaldo. I would like to see the end of his tears. Spain has much more sympathetic for Portugal, whose players love to lie pasimuliravats yes. "

In the Belarusian television game Spain —

I called his mother and told how to call her son, "Xavi"? He called the winepress.

Portugal comments Alexander Tsvichkovski, who sat down in a puddle with the pronunciation of Spanish surnames. Here's how to respond Pepe:

"Please, call guy's name. I called his mother and said that possible call her son "Xavi"? He called the winepress. Cha-vee! "

After the victory of the Spaniards over the Portuguese began to mundyyali weekend — still matches were held daily. The two quarter-finals will be played on Friday: Netherlands — Brazil and Uruguay — Ghana. On Saturday, the Argentine national team, led by Maradona will ekzamenavats Germans and Spain will compete against Paraguay.


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