I would like a drink? This is for you to a psychologist

I would like a drink?  This is for you to a psychologist

Recently, a family friendly I was faced with the problem of alcoholism treatment in a highly non-trivial angle. One evening, a loving husband returned with the traditional gatherings in honor of the end of the day, barely moving his tongue with a black eye, without purse and documents. Just bad luck met near the subway with a dashing company that tipsy man seemed easy prey.

In principle, such "postpivnye 'troubles are not uncommon, and many refer to them as more or less amusing adventure. However, a loving wife considered these adventures in arms: not only that the two bottles of beer a day are mandatory norm (beer, you know, in the summer quenches thirst), so they are still causing death and destruction. In short, a loving wife insisted that it was time to go on educational talk to Narcologist, without waiting for the black eye will heal.

Psychiatrist at the district clinic was bitchy leisurely uncle, said: "Yes, you, my friend, the second stage of alcoholism. As, however, and most normal people. Zashitsya want? Well, no, absolutely not recommended. It's early yet. " Then the doctor gave a heartfelt speech that "torpedo" — a terrible poison, much larger than the banal alcohol. And sewed up, he recommends only in the late stages of alcoholism. And they still have to earn.

Judging according to the doctor, it turned out that patient came somewhat early. After waiting for him at the clinic not now, but when the process becomes irreversible. In the meantime, rescue a drowning man must engage himself drowning: you can eat in the morning oatmeal gruel with grapefruit juice. And, of course, to watch over the dose of alcohol consumed.

Do not scrub, and do not be bothered?

Public opinion says every little drink, but no one with the doctor is not running. Yes, and why run? Mass understanding of the methods of treatment of alcoholism are as removal from drinking bouts, the notorious "stitching", and for those who are not short of money — to stay in the hospital, after which the person is still great chance to break. Not surprisingly, when we hear the word "alcoholism", we immediately imagine the last stage, accompanied by a complete degradation. However, the story begins with the first of any alcoholic wine glasses, champagne glasses, or sip a beer, not a physical and a psychological dependence that develops quickly and is treated much worse. Alcohol, as a psychoactive substance has an ambulance and, at first glance, the invaluable help in smoothing some of life's difficulties.

Reasons why people resort to drinking, there are hundreds. Many of them are completely innocent. Everyone, for example, is well known to the communicative function of alcohol: there is nothing that is not rapidly unites a diverse group, as a quality drink. People have worked hard alcohol gives another seemingly good — fast relaxation, stress relief and stress, reducing anxiety. Alcohol and perfectly removes the so-called "Sunday neurosis" — when a person has formed his spare time, he is horrified by the fact that this time, it is nothing to do. Someone constantly have to suppress their emotions: they are able to come out until after the first drink, someone with alcohol wants to "stop worrying and start living" someone suffers from a lack of self-worth.

All of the above, in fact, common psychological difficulties one encounters at least once in life. Fortunately, not everyone is to deal with such difficulties resort to the green snake.

All diseases of the head

It is only natural to solve psychological problems through psychotherapeutic techniques. Such an approach guided by clinic doctors "Transformation": the treatment of alcoholism, they seek to minimize medical intervention. Say at once: two similar patients not happen. But the important thing: no matter how effective means of detoxifying the body, they do not fully solve the problem as long as the patient remains a psychological dependence on alcohol. That is, as long as it would take alcohol his assistant in traumatic situations.

And here comes to the rescue therapy. Each patient selected method depending on the individual situation. For example, people became acutely aware of the void and emptiness of their lives, fit existential therapy, which helps to make your life more conscious and look for meaning in the events of the past. Art therapy helps to throw out the emotions and thoughts that are used to suppress the patient. Trance therapy works with altered states of consciousness. The specialists of the clinic "Transfiguration" and has its own therapeutic development.

Of course, any psychotherapeutic techniques are used in conjunction with medication and physical therapy methods: In the arsenal of the clinic is and physiotherapy treatments for alcohol dependence: electric, massage, acupuncture, balneotherapy, light therapy and many others. Save the patient from the usual desire to drink can only be by means of integrated effects.

A marked transformation

In clinical practice complex treatment Alcoholism is not only aimed at addressing the problem itself, but also diseases that are a complication of alcoholism. These are the most common diseases, such as toxic encephalopathy, toxic hepatitis, alcoholic psychosis, polyneuropathy, alcoholic depression, alcoholic paranoia, alcoholic epilepsy, alcoholic dementia, and degradation of the individual, and many others, including somatic diseases associated with alcohol abuse.

In the complex treatment includes many important elements to help a person cope with the most severe disease. The patient will receive a consultation and examination of nine physicians related specialties: psychiatrist, psychiatrist, therapist, neurologist, cardiologist, therapist, reflexologist, physiotherapist, physiotherapist. In addition, it will work with psychologists and physical education instructors.

Clinic "Transfiguration":

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It is important to understand that alcoholism — Serious chronic disease that develops over the years, and to solve the problem at a time is not possible, it takes time and patience, and compliance with all recommendations of the treating physician. Alcoholism, primarily a disease of the brain, which affected primarily by causing biological changes in the metabolism of the central nervous system. Doctor requires a serious amount of information about the health of the individual patient: for this purpose also attracted such an impressive squad of specialists.

Clinic "Transformation" has been around for 15 years, and during this period, constantly developed better methods of assistance that are based on the latest scientific research and data of world medicine. Our doctors are convinced that if a full course of comprehensive treatment and continue to implement the recommended mode, follow all recommendations issued by the doctor, the result will be close to one hundred percent efficiency.

Source: Clinic "Transfiguration"

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