IDF increases its military grouping in the West Bank

The IDF has deployed to the border Palestinian Authority 5 additional infantry battalions. On Friday, reports
According to the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz", strengthening airlifted in case of aggravation of the situation on the West Bank Jordan River. In addition, the alert are also 13 reserve battalions. The Army will be able to use them quickly in the event of a full-scale armed conflict. With all of this control IDF does not exclude that exacerbate conflict can lead acts as both Palestinians and Israeli settlers in the West Bank.

According to the paper, these measures are taken "just in case" because the army command does not exclude the aggravation of the situation during the President's speech Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas before the United Nations General Assembly. Earlier, Abbas accused Israel's control of unwillingness to compromise and actual sabotage of the negotiation process: "I am convinced that the majority of Israelis want peace, but the management of the country did not do anything to achieve it," — said the president Palestinian Authority. Earlier, sources close to Abbas, said that he was not going to seek from the General Assembly, the immediate recognition of the independence of Palestine.

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