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Of a type jacket Toltec Ishtar, like Jacket "star god" like today's bulletproof vests. In the case of drevneamerikanskih images it is clearly talking about streloneprobivaemyh costumes. It is appropriate to recall the myth Kayapo Indians of the Amazon Basin of their first meeting with the heavenly god Bep-Kororoti.

The first, that the Indians saw a strange alien from the sky — showered him with a hail of arrows and spears. But, seeing that their arrows bounce off the costume of God, did not cause him any harm, "welcoming" the natives fled in terror (and then this god still managed to win the trust of local people and train them many useful lessons.)

In his hand Toltec Ishtar, like her colleagues, is holding a mysterious box, decorated with the image of an animal snarling snout. This item is on the photograph A. Roos is seen in the details. Distinguishes between "control knobs or settings" such as those that are available in the modern electronic equipment. Of particular interest back on the embossed protrusions which are distinguishable. What is this thing? It can be assumed — a weapon (any laser or ultrasonic stun gun). Of course, historians and art historians indignantly rejected this suggestion and will announce these boxes what some "ritual containers for the collection of sacrificial blood" or "baskets for carrying corn …" But why is the front of the box is framed as a predator's head?

Here you can give some explanations. First, remember that the likes of intimidating tiger or shark heads with bared teeth out of the mouths long adorned his armor soldiers of many nations. They did this even pilots and tank crews during the Second World War, the painting the way their war machines. Second, do not forget, we analyzed the image — this is not the creation of extraterrestrial aliens, and ancient Toltec Artists.

Maybe that is how they perceive these terrible boxes in the hands of "sky gods" who "bite" or even killed? After all, according to the legends of Indians of Mexico, their ancient gods possessed a mysterious weapon ksiukoatl (translation — "fiery serpent"). These terrible "snake" the gods gave off a fire that could kill a person, and even cut his body into pieces.

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